Pedro Langa started international Expansion with Launched Terra’s Garden Dedicated to Ultra-Clean Greens

Proprietary cleansing formula and process ensures industry’s cleanest salads

Newly launched Terra’s Garden is dedicated to delivering the food industry’s cleanest greens. The company is offering a line of fresh, local greens that are cleaned using Terra’s Garden’s proprietary cleansing formula and special five-step process.

Terra’s Garden is different from other companies for a few reasons.

First, Terra’s Garden is dedicated to delivering fresh, crisp greens at the peak of deliciousness. These locally grown greens are ready to be eaten and at their tastiest. Terra’s Garden’s greens are free of preservatives and full of wholesome goodness. 

Secondly, the Terra’s Garden team is taking a stand against cross contamination. For instance, E. Coli outbreaks are responsible for foodborne illnesses that can cause death. Terra’s Garden is committed to stopping these trends. By creating their special formula and cleansing process, Terra’s Garden ensures that all their greens are thoroughly cleaned and never touched by human hands. This process eliminates the possibility of cross contamination, which means that consumers can have confidence in the safety of Terra’s Garden greens.

Third, the company has virtually no competition.

According to Terra’s Garden, the industry’s current leading pre-washing methods only kill about 90-99% of bacteria if done properly. Terra’s Garden goes beyond triple washed standards to deliver their proprietary TerraPure™ system, which combines an innovative organic wash with gentle brushing techniques and powerful redundant filtration. While eliminating the need for harmful chemicals in the water, the TerraPure™ system is entirely automated. The end result exceeds current industry standards by leaps and bounds to deliver clean greens that “can go directly from our bag to your bowl”.

The TerraPure™ system not only means that greens are cleaner than ever, but they are fresher than ever. Consumers get the best taste at the best value, all while knowing that they are getting the cleanest, freshest salad mixes available on the consumer market.

Currently, Terra’s Garden offers Spring Mix and Romaine. The Spring Mix offers a blend of baby whole leaf varieties that are soft and packed with nutritional value. Tasty and succulent, the Terra’s Garden Spring Mix offers a natural source of vitamin A and vitamin C. Terra’s Garden Romaine is a variety of green, crispy lettuce leaves. Romaine is known to be one of the healthiest lettuce varieties and is a favorite among health and fitness gurus.

Terra’s Garden has plans to expand by offering its proprietary formula to a third world country, and according to the company, they will soon be announcing a home delivery service. Details will be available soon.

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About Terra’s Garden

Terra’s Garden offers locally grown spring mix and romaine lettuce that are cleaned using the company’s proprietary cleansing formula and five-step process.

Proprietary cleansing formula and process ensures industry’s cleanest salads.

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