New Release Vividly Brings Old Testament “Miracles and Mayhem” to Life

ENUMCLAW, WA – The “miracles and mayhem” of some of the Old Testament’s most difficult stories come to life in A River to Cross (Mountain View Press). In book two of The Stones of Gilgal series, author C. L. Smith plunges the reader into the ancient biblical account of the miracle crossing of the Jordan. Written as an epic saga—a true Star Wars or Lord of the Rings—the book highlights largely unknown minor characters surrounding Joshua. But Smith says, “Every exciting episode in the Bible, every tale of terror, tears, or triumph, is part of the greater story of a heartbroken God implacably determined to win back his lost children.”

Following Balaam’s Curse, the first book in the series, Othniel, Acsah, and their friends grapple with the changes wrought by the rebellion and war. As the simple and innocent life of their childhood is swept away, new responsibilities of leadership unleash floods of grief, fear, and uncertainty. Each character discovers a personal river of difficulty to cross. As Moses gathers his people one last time to bid farewell before his death, they face the prospect of following a new leader across the impassable, raging torrent of the Jordan. With deadly peril facing the spies in the land promised to them, they must take the risk of trusting Rahab, and fight to reach the river that will bring them back to their families.

A classic battle between the powers of darkness and a holy God is played out in scenes brought to life by vivid storytelling. “I am amazed at C. L. Smith’s ability to make the Bible come alive!” says Arnold Trujillo, researcher and author of articles for The Society for Crypto-Judaic Studies. “The detailed descriptions of the settings, the issues, the personalities, with their strengths and weakness, their successes and failures, provide enlightening insights.”

Author: C.L. Smith
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