Unicol Introduces Rolling Mounting Solutions For Led Displays With The Av Roller Trak

Unicol has been at the forefront of AV support and mounting solutions for many years – and with the introduction of the AV Roller Trak, customers have every reason to be even more satisfied.

UNITED KINGDOM – 16 Jan, 2017 – Unicol has undoubtedly grown from being a manufacturer of simple, single-column trolleys designed for AV equipment to being one of the largest manufacturers and designers of complete mounting solutions for televisions, projectors, and LED displays today.

The company continues to wow customers with even more advanced products and solutions. Unicol best describes its growth: “Over the years Unicol’s range of trolleys and mounting brackets has extended to cover almost every make and model of television receiver, video projector, plasma and LCD screen on the market.”

But apart from this, Unicol’s vision has been obvious from the start – “We (Unicol) have been supporting the AV industry for over 50 years by designing and manufacturing robust, value engineered mounting solutions from standard items to large complex projects. By utilising tried and tested manufacturing techniques combined with highly developed design methods we (Unicol) have built on (our) long experience in the AV business and continue to add to (our) exciting product ranges that combine durability and quality with style.”

One of the latest products introduced by Unicol is expressly designed to make LED displays more manageable. Unicol has launched a rolling LED display mounting solution referred to as the AV Roller Trak. The AV Roller Trak has been specifically designed to address specific needs – when an LED display needs to be moved forward, backward, or from one side to another in order to accommodate special requirements, such as cleaning, access to cables, and more.

The AV Roller Trak offers a handy, simple solution to portable LED displays. If the entire LED display needs to be moved, whether it’s to gain access to cables or players or even to clean a shop window, the AV Roller Trak makes the whole process much easier. The AV Roller Trak is comprised of standardised track lengths carrying ball-bearing trolley-style units designed to move smoothly on the ground. Instead of having bolted-down floor-mounted display feet, the AV Roller Trak features track lengths, which convert the entire LED display into a movable structure.

The AV Roller Trak is ideal for many applications, including retail and corporate applications, event applications, and a lot more.

About the company:

Unicol is an established designer and manufacturer of mounting solutions for TVs, large format LED displays, and projectors.

For more information on its LED display mounting solutions, visit the website.

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