Dashboard Camera Vendor Puts Up New Website

New York, NY – Dashboard camera specialty enterprise, DashCam.Rocks, announces they have a new website that allows visitors to compare the best vehicle dashboard cameras in the market. This site makes it easy for visitors to find the best dash cam for various situations and helps educates them about the how valuable having a dashboard camera can be. From covering vandalism, traffic violations, collisions, or beautiful scenery on a road trip, these cams can be used for a variety of purposes.

“This world is such an unexpected place that people cannot tell what could be coming their way,” says Mike Andrews, DashCam.Rocks spokesperson. “Nearly one person in three owns an automobile, increasing chances of car accidents drastically. A dash cam determines who is at fault in minor accidents and large head on collisions. In situations where the law gets involved, the camera presents an accurate description of events so there is no question who is at fault.  A dashboard camera gives protection to people who fall victim to cons and staged fake accidents.”

Websites such as https://dashcam.rocks are vital resources by cutting out the guessing game of finding the right cam for your needs. With such a large variety of models and features to consider, it can be difficult to know where to start. With this proficiently run, regularly updated, and easy to navigate site, making your selection is easier than ever. The site discussing what main features consider depending on your specific circumstance and purpose for the dash cam. Different models will have different specifications when it comes to focus abilities, frame rates, battery life, and resolution. Pros and cons of a single vs. dual channel camera are also evaluated.

Besides the obvious benefits for having a car camera, there are additional perks. Some insurance companies are known to provide as much as a ten percent discount on policies for their clients who install cams on their vehicles. Insurance companies can use the video when reviewing a collision or review possible false claims, speeding up their process and your claim. Other less obvious reasons for having a dash cam are showing off your amazing driving skills, making a memento of a road trip, capturing spectacular scenery, or reviewing a student driver for coaching purposes. Recorded footage can be easily transferred to smartphones or online for instant sharing with travel companions, families, and friends.

A dashboard acts a driver’s unblinking third eye, always keeping a watch on your car. You can use the footage to help the authorities identify strangers in the case that your car is vandalized. For corporations looking to keep an eye on their fuel and operation cost, a dash cam will ensure that their drivers are not tempted to use company cars for personal use.  You can also use your video recording in a court case as definitive proof of who was at fault in a collision or traffic stop. This can translate into huge savings on legal cost and time otherwise wasted on these cases.

If you’re looking for more information regarding DashCam.Rocks LLC, you can visit their Facebook page, their website, give them a call, or visit them using the information listed below.

Dashcam.rocks LLC is located at 32 W 39th Street 4th Floor in New York, NY (10018).

The company can be contacted via phone at 646-388-3647 or at their website https://dashcam.rocks

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Company Name: Dashcam.rocks LLC
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Phone: 646-388-3647
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