Creative Proteomics Organizes New Year Promotion for Its Featured Products

Adhering to the belief— “Best Service for Customers, Best Products for Customers”, Creative Proteomics, a biotech company, organizes a new year promotion, which can last for nearly 2 months. This promotion mainly includes two featured services—SILAC-based proteomics analysis and iTRAQ-based proteomics analysis.

According to the senior scientist officer, Hoffman Jones, this promotion will last for 2 months in order to bring the greatest benefits for customers.

SILAC-based proteomics analysis service in Creative Proteomics is one of the most featured and popular items. It can serve a lot of functions, especially in cell culture and high throughput quantitative analysis of large protein complexes, protein interaction and protein-small molecule interactions. What’s more, SILAC can provide an in vivo strategy to label the proteins in different stable isotopic forms of the amino acids. This allows to monitor quantitative differences at the protein level between different conditions. This technology has been successfully applied in the research of differential protein expression in order to identify disease biomarkers by analyzing secretomes. As for cell signaling dynamics, SILAC has been utilized to study temporal dynamics of signaling pathways by exploiting protein phosphorylation.

iTRAQ-based proteomics analysis

iTRAQ-based proteomics analysis in Creative Proteomics is designed to be applied in

Discover unbiased untargeted biomarker. By using this technology, scientists can easily and quickly gain the relative quantification of proteins for biomarker discovery in complex mixtures. Isoberazine reagents are basic items for labeling primary amines of peptides and proteins. The reason why this technology is popular among scientists is due to the following advantages:

High sensitivity

Detectability of post-translational modification

Cutting-edge facilities & optimized protocols

Untargeted approach for biomarker discovery

“The two of featured services provided by Creative Proteomics now are 5% off. And this promotion organized by Creative Proteomics will last for 2 months. We are intended to bring the greatest benefit for our loyal customers.” said Hoffman Jones, senior scientist officer.

This new year promotion can not only be a symbol of the success of Creative Proteomics, but also establish good fame for this company among biological fields.

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