The Roofing, Siding and Window Industry Goes Digital with Fresh, Down to Earth Contractor Publication

EDISON, NJ – 1/17/2017 (PRESS RELEASE JET) — The Roofing Report is the first and only free industry specific email and website based daily newsletter of its kind, geared specifically toward the roofing, siding, and window industry. The Roofing Report’s sole focus is bringing valuable industry specific news, information, and education straight to the contractor’s fingertips.

The Roofing Report offers insightful articles packed into an informative website. The assortment of topics ranges from hot new product profiles, revisited time tested products, how to, customer in home selling tips, and tricks of the trade to cool tools, general and in depth product discussions and contractor education. Surveys, sweepstakes and contests are also thrown into the mix periodically to enhance the subscriber experience.

Aside from purposeful content, The Roofing Report also offers a free classified ad section where contractors can peddle their wares. For a contractor trying to sell some leftover material, hire a sub-contractor, or offer their services, an entire market of their industry peers is waiting.

In addition The Roofing Report is geographic market specific so a contractor will not be reading anything that doesn’t pertain to their specific business. The inaugural market The Roofing Report is catering to is the Northeast region of the United States, specifically the New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Connecticut, Delaware, Maryland and the New England markets. Plans of expansion into other markets is already in the pipeline.

The sole author, whom goes by the moniker, “The Guru”, is a witty, down to earth, in your face personality, which clearly portrays through his editorial style. The Guru often references his own experiences and gives “what if scenarios” that are sure to get the most experienced contractor’s thoughts brewing.

The Guru explains the reason behind the brand…

“Roofing, siding and window contractors generally called exterior remodeling contractors make up a vast majority of today’s licensed contractors and are largely neglected when it comes to information. There are many websites geared, for example, specifically towards carpenters, deck builders, kitchen remodelers, and do it yourselfers. Sure…manufacturer’s product websites have endless amounts of information on their individual website’s specific product offerings but other than that, exterior contractors have nothing but a few lousy articles mixed into a generalized broad category in some other industry specific website. So I said something is wrong here, something is missing and The Roofing Report was born.”

The Roofing Report is free to anyone who wishes to check out this “blog on steroids”. The Roofing Report can be viewed at However, for the full experience, the real magic is in the free subscription to The Guru’s Daily Report which is hand-crafted and delivered digitally daily (Monday thru Friday) to subscriber’s inboxes like clockwork showcasing the topic of the day.

“The Roofing Report, founded in 2016, as the flagship brand of GMG Media Corp. an Edison, NJ based internet media company. The Roofing Report is the trusted resource for professionals in the roofing, siding, and window industry. The Roofing Report is the first and only industry specific, contractor focused website and email based daily newsletter of its kind. Our sole focus is bringing valuable industry specific news, information, and education straight to the contractor’s fingertips. For ongoing news and insights, please visit us at

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