ROY IP assists PSB to uncover counterfeit drug case which involves value 180 million RMB


Recently, During Guangzhou Public Security Bureau Yuexiu Branch investigated a case selling counterfeit drug online, they seized two express packages in a store that suspect Kang operated and found over 100 boxes “Tiger King Pills”. After authorization, they were all counterfeit drug. So PSB filed the case quickly. In active promotion and cooperation of ROY IP LEGAL CONSULTANT LIMITED, the case got great progress.

PSB conducted special investigation team on upper steam market of counterfeit and discussed case with ROY IP LEGAL CONSULTANT LIMITED for several times. Through three-month deep investigation, PSB quickly grasped the counterfeit drug gang as the main members of Qiu, Peng, Huang and other persons. PSB found the gang produced and sold afrodyn and diet pill in big quantity in Yuexiu, Baiyun, Huangpu. All drug they sold were suspect of counterfeiting some famous brands.

On June, 14, 2016, Guangzhou PSB Yuexiu Branch organized over 100 PSB officers, conducted raid action in Dengfeng in Yuexiu, Hongxing Village in Baiyun, Changzhou in Huangpu, totally 16 involved dens. 23 suspects were captured in this case. 56 producing machines were confiscated. 7 factory dens, 9 sales dens were destroyed. Amounts of counterfeit medicine, material, package were seized. The involved valve of this case is about 180 million RMB.

According to PSB, these counterfeit drug factories were all concealed in villages in Yuexiu, Baiyun, Huangpu. The size reaches thousands of square meters. All these counterfeit drug did not have registered brands, but just foreign language package. After detection, main base are flour, corn flour and illegal additives. The sales price is about 20 to 30 Yuan lower than quality goods. They almost sold goods to Guangzhou and surrounding cities through express.

The case was such a big counterfeit drug case. But it just cost about three months of Yuexiu PSB to solve the case. It makes big hit on drug counterfeiting.

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