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Best Media DatabaseLOS ANGELES, CA – 1/17/2017 — The key to a successful business is the ability to reach a large audience, but to actually target your audience, a business must be able to connect with people of the media. By having a large contact list, businesses can have a direct connection with journalists, editors, and press professionals in the media. Media Contacts List is a powerful tool that helps many businesses progress forward in their company by saving businesses the time that would be used to find media contacts manually.

Media Contacts List’s database offers over 100,000 media contacts of journalists, editors, anchors, and many other press professionals. With their effectively large list, customers have a variety of options in terms of purchasing a media list. Media Contacts List’s customers can select their media contact list individually, by state, or by industry. This way, customers have the option of filtering their media contact list that best tailors their needs. For those interested in Media Contacts List’s services, the company offers a free demo list on their website. Media Contacts List’s free demo can be downloaded at

Media Contacts List’s large variety of contact lists saves businesses an ample amount of time. By accessing an already made media contact list, businesses do not need to create a contact list on their own, and that time can be invested in alternative ways that can benefit the business’ success. Media Contacts List offers some of the most cost effective media contact lists in the industry, which yields a great return on investment for their customers. One of the many benefits of purchasing a media contact list is that, once purchased, it can be kept forever and reused over and over again to your advantage.

With the endless benefits of purchasing a media contact list, Media Contacts List offers the best benefits to their customers. Media Contact List offers the best media database in 2017 and yields a great return on investment for their customers. For more information on Media Contacts List’s services, please visit

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