“Angels of Mercy” is a Masterfully Executed Film Thriller with a Unique Concept

Almost one in six Americans has a mental or physical disability.  For many years, a handicap might have prevented many of these people from finding their place in the workforce, but with the passage of the Americans with Disabilities Act almost 27 years, much of that changed.  To honor that historic achievement, physically challenged writer, producer and actor Owen Kent is filming Angels of Mercy, a white-knuckle thriller that pits a disabled hacker against a gang of cultists that invade his home.

Directed by Hollywood veteran Andrew Balcof, Angels of Mercy promises to be a masterful suspense film that will not only keep audiences mesmerized, but will also keep them guessing as to how a wheelchair bound protagonist can outwit a pack of crazed thugs. Angels of Mercy will excite and entertain audiences, but it will also deliver a powerful look into the lives of the disabled.

Angels of Mercy is being produced in partnership with the Center for Independent Living and Berkeley Sound Artists.  The production team includes many Hollywood names including Stuart James who has worked in entertainment for 20 years; Jim LeBrecht, celebrated sound designer whose past credits include The Game and Iron Giant; J. Mira Kopell, UC Berkeley Professor of Screenwriting; Johnny Griffith, director of post-production company Layer Studio; and Michael Butler, graphic artist.

While Angels of Mercy promises to be a spectacular film, it needs your help to complete production.  The production team has sponsored a fundraising campaign on Indiegogo to raise the $20,000 needed for cast, crew, travel and film equipment.  Angels of Mercy is sponsored in part by From The Heart Productions, a non-profit company, so any donations are tax deductible.  When you back this important project, you may also receive a perk including digital photo journals, digital marketing posters, digital scripts, HD version of Angels of Mercy, T-shirts, “Thanks” film credit, tickets to the screening, on-screen prop, VIP meet and greet, Associate Producer credit, Co- Producer credit, or Executive Producer credit. 

To learn more about Angels of Mercy or to make a donation, please visit: https://goo.gl/T4DPsO

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