Puerbank brings standard system back as flourishes in Britain

43 years after the concept of standard system was proposed by Mr. Hayek, the world is exhausted of fighting against impacts for more and more serious of financial crisis and debt crisis. Central banks of each country have no other tricks but keep printing banknote. Inflation smothers everyone as if the dark clouds over the city. Hence, it is appropriate moment to review Hayek’s standard system, and combine it with science and technology for innovation.

The launch ceremony of global node (Britain) strategy of Puerbank block chain was successfully held on January 09, 2017 in the Central Hall Westminster, the largest meeting & activities center in central London. The financial mode of block chain of Puerbank Group was deeply innovated with current science and technology based on Hayek’s theoretical concept, and got the standard system concept of Puerbank Group implemented in Britain.

Now, Puerbank Group had finished the positioning of assets of hundred billion, and would issue one hundred billion of standard-system digital currency Puercoin. And by the establishment of node in Britain this time, Puerbank Group took out assets of 5 billion for the replacement of British high-quality assets, to build friendly trade relationships of China and Britain in such way, and realize the mutual development with Britain and even global economy.

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