CTS Develops Gaussian Noise Drone Jammer DJ55 with a Super Long Jamming Range of up to 5.5KM

Equipped with the latest digital technology, the CTS-DJ55 drone jammer has an extended jamming range between 2 to 5.5Km.

In order to protect the vehicle convoy of VIPs, military and others, the latest algorithm of the Gaussian noise jamming is the  most effective technology of the recent times. CTS Technology has now developed the CTS-DJ55 drone jammer that uses the latest digital technology and the Gaussian noise jamming technique. The jammer is light weight and can cover an extensive range of up to 5.5Km.

CTS Develops Gaussian Noise Drone Jammer DJ55 with a Super Long Jamming Range of up to 5.5KM

According to the spokesperson of the company, the new Gaussian noise Drone jammer covers the full drone RC and Video communication bands 900mhz/1.2~1.3ghz/1.5~1.6ghz /2.4ghz/5.8ghz and can jam signals of any frequency. With a weight less than 16KG including the battery, the jammer with its compact integrated system is highly portable and can easily be installed. The jammer has been designed to offer an improved electronic countermeasure that is critical to the survival of vehicles from drone attacks. 

The spokesperson reveals that they are the specialist in the Gaussian noise technology and this drone jammer incorporates the latest digital Jamming Technology to cover a wide range of frequency jamming modules. The system consists of Jammer modules, antennas, battery, and power supply with optional remote control to meet the complete jamming requirements of different frequencies. More importantly, the jammer is easy to use and one does not need any technical training to set up or use the jamming system.

This new jamming technology brings a safe countermeasure against a wide range of drone models and could very helpful in safeguarding vehicular movements in risk prone areas. More importantly, the jamming system does not cause any harm to the surrounding environment and keeps protecting vehicles in a silent manner. Available in a rifle shape with a backpack, the jammer is portable and can easily be carried and operated by a single person. The automatic system is capable of jamming drones of a variety of shapes, sizes and configurations.

One can learn more about the jammer and its specification by visiting the website: http://ctstechnologys.com/full-bands-digital-drone-jammer-for-max-5-5km-rang-no-ctsdj55.html

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C.T.S designs and manufactures innovative solutions for the jamming of wireless communications and unmanned aerial vehicle for the counter-terrorism, security and defense industries. The company unveiled its sophisticated anti-drone system during the recent Defense and Security Equipment International exhibition in Paris. Three years in the making, the Drone killer provides protection from both mini- and micro-sized unmanned aircraft systems. It was designed for a military customer looking to protect soldiers, convoys, and bases from the evolving threat of weaponized drones. The system has an attack capability that allows the user to disrupt the drone using jamming technology, or even hijack the controls to reroute it away from a target.

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