MI & JE Enterprises introduces the 2017 ‘Mega Warehouse Stock Clearance’ of ‘Annekt’ the car phone holder or GPS Mount.

This iphone holder’s design for car has been inspired by the Toco Toucan’s beak, a magnificent bird native of South America’s tropical forests but much admired everywhere. The toucan’s oversized, colorful bill has made it one of the world’s most popular birds and this has motivated designers to create a beak like structure for this car cell phone holder which grips tightly any device placed within it. The Toucan’s flight mode is, admittedly, a bit inelegant. The stark difference is that this phone holder for car was created to stay,  elegantly ultra motionless.

The structure for this cell phone holder for car is made up of strong ABS (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene) material, it weighs 25g, has a ‘beak’ length of 10 cm, a total height of 11cm and base diameter 7cm. The ‘beak’ has two ‘arches’ which accommodate 1.5cm maximum thickness, practically all iphones and most GPS devices. The curves are covered with soft rubber material within so that the edge of the device is not damaged and stays steady. The opening of the beak can clamp up to 6 inch big device. The spring at the back is robust and the grip ultra strong. The head rotates 360 degrees for ease of use and for alternating between horizontal and vertical adjustment.

The knob between the head and the base tightens the adjustment of the top section. The base also contains a lock catch.  This is lifted and pressed back in place for a firm attachment. The gadget can be removed and reattached any time by simply reversing the procedure. Base can be wiped clean of dust and reattached. It has a high density, strong, silicone sucker base scrubbed repeatedly for firm grip to windshield, console, desk countertops, wood, metal, plastic and virtually any other smooth surface. Installation is very simple and without the need to use any tools. The designated location is cleaned by a damp cloth and left to dry. The protective sticker on the silicone suction cup should be removed and  proper installation position sought by placing suction cup on the area and lock catch pressed.

Whilst the car phone holder’s objective is to provide a safe haven for iphone or GPS it remains the driver’s responsibility to have eyes and attention maintained on the road.

This phone mount (or GPS mount) has been allocated a wholesale price of $4.99.

Some of the testimonials which give further detail as to the use and benefits of this car phone mount: 

‘I have been wanting to get a cell phone holder for my car for a long time and wasn’t sure which one to buy, until I came upon this one. I was very drawn to the fact that this has a suction cup for anchoring and a clamp to hold the phone. I did not want the magnetic kind that have become increasingly popular. This product is well made and sturdy. It will hold a phone or car GPS tightly in its grip, for when you go over bumps or make turns.’

‘This phone mount for car never slips out of the holder. The suction cup is very strong and has some stickiness to it. It will stay securely mounted on the dashboard or window without falling off. This is also great if you have someone in the passenger seat who wants to watch movies and videos on their phone and doesn’t want to hold it in their hand.’

‘I use this for hands free calling and listening to music as well. Very impressed with this mountable holder.’

‘Decent solid plastic, so it should last through some abuse. I have Nexus 6P (large phone with case) and this holds it without issue with tons of room to spare. The holder piece can even be removed from the base for replacements it looks like. The suction cup is standard, nice hard lock and comes covered to keep it clean for first appliance.’

‘The suction cup holds it’s place well and the entire apparatus collapses for storage and easy transportation. All in all, it’s a pretty decent mount and affordable for anyone looking for a versatile mount.’

This cell phone car mount can be purchased from Amazon and can be delivered within 2 days with Amazon prime, free shipping also applies with eligible orders only.

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