EP Fitness Announces an Online Based Fitness Program

Vancouver, BC, Canada – EP Fitness Online has announced that they will be providing their health and fitness services around the globe. EP Fitness Online is a dedicated online program for people around the globe to get in shape and be healthy. EP Fitness Online is programmed for everyone who has little time on hands and wish to be healthy and fit, either its busy working professionals, stay at home moms, busy housewives or health conscious or fitness obsessed people. EP Fitness Online has something for everyone. EP Fitness Online has already been making its mark on social media and people are already fond of the results of this program.

The success rate of the program is high due to the peculiar details needed for the fitness. The details include healthy and low caloric yet energy boosting diets and meal plans in the kitchen along with the exercises and workouts needed in the gym. The complete program gives its customers and users an opportunity to be healthy and fit according to their personalized needs. EP Fitness Online understands that every person is unique and different and hence have different body requirements and alternatives to get healthy, the program is an online personalized coach that can be used anywhere in the world at any time.

“With EP Fitness Online we have combined technology, experience, convenience and most importantly guaranteed results,” said Angus Burke, the Founder of this amazing program. The customer reviews regarding the program have been phenomenal so far. Details of the program, fitness exercises, videos and posts along with progress of the clients with their permission are uploaded on their social media and website. Everyone from any background, race and language is welcome to join the site. The site is free to join for everyone and is user friendly; the sign up process is done in a couple of minutes.

“A personalized program sent to your private coach. All the integrations including:  my fitness pal, fit- bit and more,” Angus added. With money back guarantee users can easily join and can see the changes in their life style and health, moreover the Fit Bit feature in the program is a simple integration that helps the user in uploading daily activities of exercises, physical exertion along with mental condition at trainers dashboard whereas My Fitness Pal feature provides the structure and is an easy integration of diet intake to trainers dashboard. EP Fitness Online has is definitely going to be one of the best and life changing fitness programs in the coming years and it is bound to make a mark.

To learn more or book an online session with EP Fitness Online, please visit the links below:

Website URL: http://www.epfitnessonline.com/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/epfitnesstrainer

Twitter: https://twitter.com/EPTrainers

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/epfitnesstrainer/

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/user/ExcelPerformance?feature=watch

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Company Name: EP Fitness Online
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Email: angus@epfitnesstrainer.com
Phone: +1-(855) 257-6737
Country: Canada
Website: http://www.epfitnessonline.com/