Second Edition of Medical Creations Handbooks On Medical Terminology

New Edition of the Book Contains More Information and Helpful Data And Available For Free For a Limited Time

January 17, 2017 – Medical Creations. Medical Handbooks has released the second edition of its Medical Terminology book. This is a book that lists critical information on medical terms and how to understand and recall them.

This newly updated guide has been fully revised and contains added tips and strategies for learning about medical terms of all sorts. In fact, Medical Creations. Medical Handbooks has produced enough new information to where this second edition is more than twice the size of the original version.

Medical Creations is promoting this book by making it free on Amazon for five days starting on Wednesday, January 18. This promotional offer is being made available to all interested in learning more about important medical terms and to discover how effective D.A. Medical’s system for learning is.

The book is heavily detailed with information on medical terms of all sorts. It includes details on terms and their suffixes, prefixes and root words.

Information on how to pronounce even the most difficult to read terms is also included in this guide. This includes a series of sensible rules that help people understand what these terms mean and how to say them.

The book features details on how to use these medical terms in everyday life. This helps people to know how these terms work and how they can use them in a sensible manner in their professional lives.

There are also built-in exercises at the end of each chapter. This will help people to learn more about these terms in a faster manner. Readers can use this to memorize many medical terms. Added tips and strategies are also included to help people recall how these terms may be used.

People who have purchased this book in the past have left rave reviews on it on Amazon. Customer Christina Harris states, “This is incredible! The book is easy to read and the break down is better than in any other book I have seen. As a nursing student, I recommend it.”

Another Amazon client who works as an EMT writes, “This was a gift for my partner and fellow EMT. She loved it and said it was easy to understand and great to use.”

About Medical Creations:

Medical Handbooks is a group operated by David Anderson, a medical doctor based out of the United Kingdom. The group has published many books available online through Amazon including Medical Terminology, Lab Values, Pharmacology for Nurses and Pediatric Primary Care.

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