Robert Leslie Releases His Debut Novel, Butcher Bird

A Story of the Rhodesian Bush War

January 17, 2017 – Robert Leslie has released his debut novel, Butcher Bird, which is available in ebook and paperback editions worldwide. The novel follows an elite unit of counter-terrorist trackers whose mission is to find and kill a murderous madman who is bent on seizing control of the Rhodesia from his enemies, both black and white.

Butcher Bird is a historical fiction novel inspired by the author’s experiences in Southern Rhodesia in the 1970s. Robert Leslie is a native of South Africa who, in 1972,worked in what was known as Southern Rhodesia (now Zimbabwe). Dramatic changes came to the area during the Rhodesian Bush War. Based on this experience, he was inspired to write Butcher Bird. Today Leslie lives in Australia, but the memories and impressions of the war continue to influence his work.

About the Novel:

In 1973, African freedom fighters (called terrorists by the Rhodesians) from neighboring nations were flowing across the borders of Southern Rhodesia, and the Rhodesian Security Forces, mostly white Europeans, were unable to stop them. In response, the Rhodesians created the Selous Scouts, whose mission was to take on the guise of the enemy to walk among them and gather intelligence from the locals who were afraid to be seen helping the Security Forces.

Butcher Bird focuses on two key characters. The titular Butcher Bird is a terrorist with political aspirations who seeks to become the president of Zimbabwe by eliminating all whites from the country, as well as any Africans who stand in his way. Sion Michael, a South African soldier who commands a subunit of the Selous Scouts, is tasked with stopping the Butcher Bird at all costs.

Sion came to Rhodesia to fight someone else’s war. He never expected it to become this personal.

Butcher Bird will appeal to readers who enjoy war stories, African history, and anyone who likesaction and adventure.

About the Author:

Robert Leslie was born in Southern Africa. He spent several years working as a rigger for a South African shaft sinking company on the copper belt of Northern Rhodesia (Zambia). He returned to the Republic when Zambia gained independence. A year later he joined a construction company in Southern Rhodesia (Zimbabwe). While working in the bush he had a fleeting encounter with the Selous Scouts, which inspired him to write this and other stories. Butcher Bird is his debut novel, the first in a trilogy involving Sion Michael.Robert now lives in the Southern Highlands of New South Wales, Australia, with his wife and their two dogs.

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