Digital Education Systems Dominates the Digital Learning Market

In a market saturated with scams and hype, Digital Education Systems delivers the real deal to its subscribers. Recently partnering with a content delivery company allows them to further their self-ascribed goal to “deliver real world education based on experience,” rather than classroom theory.

“People from all walks of life are seeing a total change in mindset — that they can start their own profitable businesses in less time, and less investment, than ever before,” said Jordan Phillips.

Digital Education Systems was founded in 2011 by Mr. Phillips, a well-respected visual marketer and award winning filmmaker. The company aims to become the number one small business training company in the world and it would appear that they are well on their way to that goal. The small business niche can be a challenging one, often filled with big promises and small results, but Digital Education Systems brings a positive vibe to the industry and subscribers are responding to it.

Mr. Phillips pointed to the problems that have historically plagued people with an entrepreneurial mindset. “Traditionally, the franchise model has been the only option for people to leverage the power of proven systems. McDonalds, Wendy’s, Chili’s, KFC. If you want to start a business, the brick and mortar approach can cost anywhere from $200,000 to over $7.1 Million. That’s completely unattainable for most people.

“Using some of the same tactics and strategies, we’ve created a system that anyone can plug into and activate for themselves. . . without the education, huge investments of time and money, employees, payroll, taxes, and everything else that causes most small businesses to fail.”

The curriculum that Digital Education Systems offers is well maintained and continually updated to reflect a continually changing marketplace. Their cutting edge education is headed up by instructors that are active in the business world and run their own multi-million dollar businesses.

“Tried and true” could be the motto of this company as they jump over the fluff of theories and head straight to the nuts and bolts of creating success. The company offers a variety of products that begin with the fundamentals of thinking like an entrepreneur, and then build up to more specific and technical how-to’s of creating a successful business.

More information can be found at the company’s website or by calling 1-800-DES-8530.

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