Pure Potential to launch its widely applauded Teen Mentoring Program online

Pure Potential Paradigm is about to launch an online version of its widely successful Teen Mentoring Program this month, enabling it to reach out to a greater number of adolescents.

London, January 17, 2017: After a huge success in helping teens in US and UK schools, Pure Potential Paradigm has announced that it is taking its much applauded Teen Mentoring Program online this month. Entitled “Teen Pure Potential”, the mentoring program is aimed at reaching a larger number of teens, enabling them to take part outside of the school hours. The program has previously been proven to enhance teen mental health, facilitate better social & emotional skills, raise self-esteem, build character, boost academic success, create healthier bonds with family, community & school and cultivate career readiness.

The online program is scheduled to launch on January 21, 2017. 



Backed by a robust network of psychologists, mentors, coaches, consultants, trainers & counselors, Teen Pure Potential offers a 100% results-driven program that approaches issues and problems with a new paradigm. Unlike other mainstream mentoring programs, this organization brings in a more effective methodology that focuses on personal transformation from the inside-out. The approach helps teens understand how the mind works in order to have insights which will permanently change their State of Mind or thinking and lead to successful external transformation.

“We are pleased to announce that we will very soon be launching an Online Group Teen Mentoring Program for the first time. The program has been extremely successful in beating teen depression and alleviating teen stress & anxiety for adolescents when taught in schools and now we are looking forward to launching it on a much broader scale so that more teens worldwide can benefit from a brighter future with less fear and insecurity. A great advantage of our program is that it will allow the teens to participate from privacy and comfort of their homes and with others who aren’t necessarily their classmates”, stated Mary Beth Hazeldine, State of Mind Consultant and the businesswoman behind Pure Potential Paradigm.

Our contemporary fast-paced world exposes teens to immense social and academic pressures that are usually quite taxing. Almost every day, we find reports of unwanted bullying involving teens which often leads to severe mental anguish and there are sometimes addiction issues as well. In fact, teen depression is one of the major causes of self-harm & suicides among today’s youth. The Online Teen Mentoring Program will not only teach the fundamental principles behind a healthy State of Mind but will also impart specific lessons which relate to everyday situations common for adolescents.



“Our Teen Mentoring Program is different from traditional mentoring programs and it has been proven to work and produce results. It’s based on the psychology of the human mind that is explained through three principles. These principles have been taught worldwide to relieve human suffering and cultivate human potential in various fields like social services, education, community mental health, drug treatment, corporate training, and drug & alcohol treatments.”

The online program would be hosted in a cutting edge virtual classroom where teens can work in teams, share screens, write on white boards, download resources and submit homework. Engaging, interactive lessons are on the platter, packed with games, videos and role play. All of the sessions will be recorded to enable students to catch up if they have missed a live class or if they would later like a reminder of the lesson.

“We will also offer a Closed Facebook Support Group for current and past members of the Mentoring Program that will extend additional peer and facilitator support.”

For more information and to enroll for the online program, visit http://www.purepotentialparadigm.com

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