Online Beat Maker Gets Sued By Major Record Labels

USA – Litigation against independent music entities has been nothing new, as, since the dawn of the 21st century and the proliferation of music streaming platforms and other music-related websites, such actions have become a new norm. Major record labels often appear to go out on a witch hunt against artists who are trying to make an impact through challenging the status quo in the music industry.

Mr. Makaih Beats, an online beatmaker, owned and profited from the now-defunct website During the year 2015, the aforementioned site hosted music from major label artists, offering its streaming services for free to a community comprised of over 300,000 website registered members. At the time of its demise, a total of 2,000,000 tracks had already been uploaded to the website, while its growth appeared to be exponential.

Since his website’s shutdown, and throughout the past year, Mr. Beats has been embroiled in an unprecedented legal battle waged against him by numerous major music labels, who are pursuing compensation for what they deem to be significant financial losses brought about by the availability of their proprietary music productions on

As a result of this ongoing legal action, Mr. Beats has sustained what can be best described as a “financial takedown”, as he has accrued significant debt due to mounting legal fees, which, at the time of writing, continue to rise.

Commenting on his legal ordeal, Mr. Beats stated that “I spent over 20,000$ in 2016 keeping myself out of jail. These major labels don’t want to see a young black man succeed without their hand in his pocket!”

Currently, Mr. Beats owns and operates, a “leading online platform offering high-quality rap beats for free”, aiming to help music aficionados source original beats to use in their various productions, as well as help up-and-coming artists who lack the funds to purchase beats to test their skills and improve their flow.

His recent collaboration with giant corporations such as Adidas and GoPro, who trusted Mr. Beats with providing his music for some of their latest advertorial campaigns, is a testament to the artist’s genuine talent.

Mr. Beats pledges to continue to fight for his legal absolution, while he plans to publicize any and all updates on the status of the lawsuits he is involved in.

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