Trump Excel Now offers Free Excel 2016 Training Course

India – As the modern workplace becomes increasingly infiltrated with advanced technologies and the wide array of programs that come along with them, there are many professionals left feeling somewhat in the dark. It isn’t always the employees with many years invested in the company. Oftentimes, schools (and even colleges) don’t equip students with the knowledge of programs that are actually used in the professional world.

One of the most commonly used programs now is Microsoft Office’s Excel. And the creative forces behind the pragmatically-oriented website Trump Excel feel that if there’s one necessary skill a huge number of people currently lack, it’s proper Excel training. The program does not operate under the same tenets that others in the Office library do. PowerPoint and Word are both essentially understandable after a few hours of experimentation and creation. Learning Excel and adapting to its interface is simply a much longer, more complex process.

Trump Excel realizes that there is a need for easily accessible and understandable training material. That is why they are now offering a free Excel course that will guide you through the intricacies of using the software over the span of 7 days. Through the use of HD videos complete with screen captures, access to practice files, and a library of resources and cheat sheets, they believe each of their users can quickly become an Excel Pro.

Free Excel training can be difficult to find. Some users have taken to looking up videos on YouTube and similar video sharing sites to learn individual skills or features, but it can be difficult to acquire a comprehensive education that way. Some features are too intricately connected to others, and some stand completely alone.

“I have been using Excel spreadsheets for more than 10 years now, but it wasn’t until the summer of 2013 when I got neck-deep into it,” explained Sumit Bansal, the creator of the site. “Every day, I would learn something new, and I wanted to share it with people! So finally, one day, I started”

So far, users everywhere from the United States to India have found a revitalized set of uses for Microsoft’s infamous Excel program. Bookkeepers who work in finances, administrative assistants creating schedules, even managers recording sick/vacation days- any type of professional can make their everyday tasks just a little bit easier with the use of Excel. Trump Excel believes they have found the formula through which to teach this difficult-to-learn program. To learn more about the free course and what it offers, simply click here.

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