Marketer’s Common Problems When Trying To Build And Rank A Local Niche Site Are Solved By Serplify

There is a new groundbreaking product coming to the market, which eliminates all the known issues that marketers would face when trying to build and rank a local niche site. This brand new software is called Serplify.

Joshua Zamora and his team have created Serplify which is the only web-based software that mass builds, customizes, GEO-Optimizes, schedules, monetizes, syndicates and builds marketers fully fledged unique sites that rank page one on Google.

Let’s take a look at some exclusive features of Serplify:

  • Select multiple locations to rank in: Marketersare allowed to target all the cities and zip codes in the country for their keywords with just a few clicks. Serplify will then mass optimize and quickly rank their posts/pages around these keywords.
  • Quickly builds unique sites in 60 seconds flat: User’s sites will be mass built, customized, GEO-Optimized, scheduled, monetized, and ranked page one on Google. There is no need for guesswork or manual work.
  • Rapid indexing to boost rankings: The tool also adds in dominant factors increasing indexing speed so that Google collects the information on the site and starts ranking it almost overnight.
  • Schedule 100% unique content to be added to user’s sites on autopilot: Users will get new content regularly on their schedule without having to touch the site again. With the ability to add spintax to the title and descriptions, this feature will help users automatically add thousands of optimized pages full of content for each keyword through their chosen schedule.
  • Relevant images and videos at your fingertips: Just enter a keyword, Serplify will reveal all the relevant media that users can add to their sites to keep it all alive and engaging.
  • Mass syndicate marketer’s sites to top social networks: The software integrates with four of the best social sharing platforms that will syndicate their content all over the web with just a simple click. Marketers can add their OnlyWire, SocialMonkee, Syndwire, and SocialAdr accounts to drive hundreds of quality backlinks to their site on autopilot, which boosts their rankings and allows them to dominate the first page of Google at will.
  • Utilize full schema markup: Schema is basically a special code on user’s site that only Google sees, that tells them what their site is about. With Serplify, schema is automatically added to all your posts/pages and optimized without you having to touch any code.   

How does Serplify work?

Step 1: Simply add your domains in that you are going to use in one click, without having to do anything technical.

Step 2: Serplify’s built in database allows users to target every city and zip code in the USA and Canada, enabling them to potentially rank page 1 in every city and zip code of the country for multiple local keywords.

Step 3: The software automatically adds thousands of optimized unique pages full of themed content for each keyword through user’s chosen schedule. The content is fully readable, unique and even passes copyscape.

Step 4: In just a few clicks, everything will be compiled for you, while adding in important factors that increase indexing speed, so that Google picks up the posts and starts ranking them almost overnight.

The best part is that this software does everything for you in under 60 seconds flat. Users can learn step by step and in full detail, exactly how it is going to work for them.

Just the simple, powerful, smart automation inside Serplify, so powerful in the way it attacks all those untapped long tail local key terms in a way no one else is doing. This product is literally waiting to go to work for you and earn you the income you have always wanted.

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