The Rashomon Event in the Chinese Copyright Domain

Two weeks before the Chinese New Year, shocking news broke out in the Chinese copyright domain. The 12426 copyright protection center website affiliated to Copyright Society of China that Shanghai GuangYong Information Technology Co., Ltd. takes charge of the operation was suspected of being involved in plagiarizing its competitor in the same industry, 426so website. The plagiarist, Shanghai GuangYong, is a copyright protection company and the target being plagiarized, 426so website is a public platform that professionally provides one-stop online protection and legal right maintenance service for copyright owners. After Chinese media’s disclosure, Shanghai GuangYong refused to admit with a tough attitude and the event temporarily fell into Rashomon. Meanwhile, the signal that “Chinese copyright protection practitioners also publicly plagiarize” conveyed by this report made other countries’ culture output institutions concern about Chinese copyright market.

According to the latest news, the operation party of 426so website has filed a lawsuit to the court and has stated to maintain its legal rights with the help of law so as to protect the dignity of copyright. The event that the copyright protection industries confronted each other on the court has become a heated topic that every Chinese concerns.

The intellectual property protection problem in China has always been a global concern due to multiple culture integration as a result of collision of different countries’ culture and the huge Chinese market. However, in a more complicated copyright protection environment, the culture interaction appears to be maladjusted. As for this, Chinese government firmly adheres to the protection of intellectual property rights. In January 2017, Chinese government clarified the development targets and major tasks of intellectual property right works in the 13th Five-Year and conducted overall deployment of nationwide intellectual property right works, which is the first time for intellectual property right planning to be listed in China’s national key specialized planning.

As one of the parties concerned in the event, 426so website has affiliation to “COPYRIGHT CLOUD” in the Chinese Culture (Publication Administration) Big Data (CCDI) and it is a quite influencing online protection and legal right maintenance brand in the copyright industry of China. The “COPYRIGHT CLOUD” project is also the first culture big data application project that is approved by the government in Chinese cultural industry domain. Based on the cloud data center with the core technology, the project conducts authentication, registration and storage on culture copyright works so as to further conduct protection, monitoring, distribution, transaction and settlement online, as the leading digital public service platform of copyright.

As witnessed by the whole world, the economic reform of China has achieved a great success and the copyright industry is one of its rising industries. With the increasing implementation force of China’s copyright protection, the copyright market in China will usher in a huge outbreak as proved by the performance of Chinese movie ticket office. The Rashomon event of copyright plagiarism in China is a milestone in China’s copyright industry, testifying Chinese government’s determination on copyright protection, whose final result will exert significant effect on the industry.

We will keep to the latest development of the event.

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