Stand Up Golf incorporates a more upright spine angle, longer single length golf irons and secret never before taught golf instruction methods that help golfers play better.

When NASA consulting engineer and professional golfer Al Delgado entered into his 50’s he started to experience loss of driving distance, loss of his swing control and lower back pain.  His golf swing had finally trapped his nerves, put him in the hospital, and ended his dream of competing on the senior tour. Faced with his deteriorating condition, he did not quit or give up because as a trained athlete he knew the feeling of free motion and he felt that there has to be a better way to play golf.

What Al discovered was that by standing up more vertical in his golf setup he created a balanced, athletic posture, regained club control, created more freedom for his body and a lot less pressure on his aching back.

What he also discovered as a major problem was that his golf irons were too short.

For 10 years Al has been using his engineering background and athletic training to diagnose his own golf issues and apply it to help other golfers that want to physically and mentally improve at golf.

Al discovered what was missing in his golf swing and was astounded that it was not being taught by the traditional golf instruction methods.   With this new information and by increasing the length of his irons he was able to maintain a more upright spine angle and a concept he calls, “Standup Golf.”

Ten years before U.S. Professional Tour Player Bryson DeChambeau started playing single length irons, Al discovered that making his irons longer with the same length (Single Length Irons), he was able to set up in his golf posture consistently and was able to keep the same spine angle and ball position.  This “Standup Golf” set up eliminated unnecessary rotating swing components and generated a lot more power in his swing and minimal stress to his back.

When golfers convert to Standup Golf they instantly feel and experience a solid, balanced golf swing foundation with golf club and distance control.  The ability to generate athletic power and increase driving distance suddenly becomes innate.

With the help and experience of “Top 100” world recognized golf instructor and award winning golf coach Arlen Bento Jr., together created and designed a transition system for all players to become Standup Golf players with single length golf irons without major swing changes and setbacks.

“The best timely and financial approach for players that want to make the change to Standup Golf is to sign up online, come to one of our Standup Golf schools in Florida where we fit and design single length golf irons and provide instruction that no one can provide to make the required adjustments and transition to Standup Golf.” – says Delgado

With the help and assistance from Bento, players are offered a player improvement program that is designed to accelerate and help them through the process of adjusting to longer single length irons especially in the short game and putting area.

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