Folding become a trend of life for Chinese Metropolitans

The soaring housing cost in big cities of China has brought the trend of folding life into younger generation. Smarter house, smaller tools become popular.

With the growth of the population and urbanization in China, more and more people concentrate in metropolis. The available space for people to live in has become smaller than before. In order to adapt to the development of urbanization, folding concept was brought into being.

Folding concept help people save more space for life and improve the quality of people’s living standard. In order to adapt the concept of urbanization and low-carbon environment, Onebot T8 folding electric bike has become the first priority choice for people to go out. It helps people save more space and enjoy a better life.

A Dovecote Occupying Six Square Meters House Unprecedented and Out of Print in Shenzhen China

In July 2016, a dovecote occupying six square meters has enjoyed great popularity among netizen in Shenzhen’s real estate. Such kind of house was regarded as ‘China unprecedented, Shenzhen out of print’, once exposed, it was sold out immediately. The room is small but complete that can meet the basic requirement of living. In order to cover more, the prototype is designed with storage furniture and folded bed. It would cost you about one minute to open it with remote control. Kitchen and toilet are all available.

Folding Furniture Design

Folding furniture design involves industrial design, psychology furniture materials and manufacturing. Folding furniture design also reflects an innovation process of multi-disciplinary linkage, but also an important way of conceptualize the design of furniture. With the development of structure technology and the material science, various innovative folding furniture design birth one after another. Folding furniture products enrich the material and spiritual life of people now, especially for those families who live in small house.

Folding Electric Bike and Urban Development

In past decade, the urban traffic was developed rapidly. It makes our life more convenient, but it also brings more challenge and problems to the society and environment, such as the traffic safety problem and environmental pollution problem etc.

With the improvement of the living standard, the car owners increase rapidly. As a result, the urban traffic becomes more congested and environment becomes worse.

Above problems are bad for the sustainable development and construction of

the harmonious society of China. However, folding ebike, or foldable electric scooter bike, has become a new way to solve those problems. It also can save more space for the city and improve people’s living standard.


Onebot T8 folding electric bike with the concept of Low-carbon green, aims to save more public and private space and make a contribution to solve the traffic congestion and environmental pollution problem.

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