Conjure Gram: A Breakthrough Cloud-based Instagram Tool Helps Marketers Attract Targeted Followers

Conjure Gram
Here is how you can legally exploit Instagram to get free traffic, subscribers and sales you could ever possibly need and ethically build an A+ brand people love very fast.

Conjure Gram is a latest Instagram tool that gives users a genuinely unfair advantage free traffic, leads and sales their business needs.

Take a look at some valuable feature packed into Conjure Gram:

100% Handsfree Scheduling and Re-Scheduling.
This feature can program user’s posts by the hour, day, month and year without third apps, software, or any other browser. Users flexibly arrange their schedule many times instead of just once automatically.

Cloud-based and Mobile Friendly.
Users have no requirements for downloading, third party extensions or time and place for running the tool.

Fast Image Editing.
An unlimited for editing process such as paint doodles, insert overlays and even watermarks to user’s images.

Fast Video Editing.
The Video editing process becomes easier with different types of Youtube videos or Vimeo videos.

Run Auto Follow Campaigns.
Draw a huge relevant visitor’s attention and the following target through hashtags or a geolocation.

Deep Analytics.
An active management to accurately know which campaigns and posts to concentrate on.

Connect Multiple Instagram Accounts.
Users can use many Instagram accounts and quickly connect them together for their niches and staff.

Inside user will learn what secret inside Instagram development like:

• The bulletproof way to getting a constant stream of 100 new Instagram followers
• How to place the Instagram profile to catch followers.
• How to consistently add new followers automatically without keep access to Instagram regularly
• The proper way to design appeal Instagram Graphics within  two minutes to keep significant engagement
• The strategy for discovering target market on Instagram and marketing to them without paying advertisement budget
• How to build an email list

Also, Conjure Gram is properly equipped with five different pillars of learning packed include:

• Pillar 1: Setting up your Instagram account correctly
• Pillar 2: Content Creation
• Pillar 3: Free Follower Magnet
• Pillar 4: Paid Advertising
• Pillar 5: Lead Generation

Conjure Gram
provides users seriously “unfair” advantages:

• Direct control Instagram posts
• Accurate detect on established posts
• Explore trending hashtags
• No design or tech skills needed
• Easy publishing schedule process
• Fast and easy to begin

Users can follow these four simple step and start building their follower lists and ranking free traffic:

Step 1: Set up auto-commenting, auto-following, and auto-liking campaigns to get real followers hands-free and find relevant influencers

Step 2: Find some hashtags and ideas with Conjure Gram to piggyback extend posts. In this step, users can quickly check feeds right inside the tool.

Step 3: Then the system shares Auto comment or auto-schedule images with relevant followers.

Step 4: Rinse and repeat until having a huge number of keen followers and a stream of targeted traffic every day.

Conjure Gram
is a perfect solution for traffic-starved e-commerce business, coaches and affiliate marketers. Store owners to niche members, local consultants to online coaches now find out an easier way to reach million of targeted buyers.

Caleb O., a beta tester stated: “Conjure Gram had brought me thousands of followers in just a few days; I would have stopped blogging and wasting PPC money if I knew about this beforehand.”

Users can tap into million Instagram followers without creativity, limited time and space. Conjure Gram shows them the popular and proven trend in their niche in seconds with no additional tools and no weird bugs.

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