United Card Solutions Explains Why Accepting Credit Cards is a Necessity for Small Businesses

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Competing with larger businesses who have much greater resources is one of the biggest challenges for the small business owner. Leveling the playing field is what all small businesses strive for against their larger competitors and one of the easiest ways to start is to begin accepting credit cards. 72% of all consumers have at least one credit card, which is a huge market for any business to ignore.

The benefits for a small business that starts to accept credit cards are numerous.  The most obvious advantage is they become a business in which those 72% of consumers with cards can shop conveniently. Many customers prefer to use plastic for a variety of reasons, including better tracking their purchases.  These cardholders feel more comfortable shopping in a small business that competes with larger companies when they see the card brand logos and know they accept their preferred payment method.

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Consumers also feel more comfortable using cards because of the speeds of transaction.  Swiping or dipping gives the consumer a seconds only transaction with a verifiable way to track and record their purchase for their own personal records.   Small businesses recognize that the faster the transaction, the more customers they can serve on any given day efficiently.  Merchants also have a quick way to settle and track their transactions to their bank account in just a short couple of days.

Merchant processing with a reputable service provider like United Card Solutions is a very safe and secure operation.  Having state of the art processing and encryption methods keep the cardholder’s account information safe and secure.  Whether a merchant accepts credit cards with our countertop processing terminals, or offers online purchasing through a virtual terminal, your transactions are protected from fraud and identity thieves.

One of the most important reasons for accepting credit cards is the fact that your business will usually see an increase of sales.  Why?  Because credit card shoppers spend more money when they shop using their cards, instead of using cash or checks. Impulse buying and upgrading a past purchase to a higher level of merchandise are common with card shoppers. 

And Finally, merchants will save money and time when they start accepting credit cards.   Spending less time making bank runs to process cash and checks, you can spend more time with your customers.  New processing options for wireless and mobile mean your store and merchants who deliver services and products to the job site or home can collect payment right then and there and do not have to go through expensive billing and collection processes.

Today’s processing is fast, safe and convenient.  Many options give merchants opportunities to work with a valued provider like United Card Services who can design a package that meets all of your business requirement.

When it comes time to switch to credit card processing, we encourage merchants to select United Card Solutions.  In the long run, it will save money, time, and worry by reducing the implications of fraud liability.  More information can be found at our website.

For more information, visit: http://unitedcardsolutions.com

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