Experience the Harlem Renaissance with Newly Launched Coloring Book

North Decatur, Georgia – Harlem in the 1920s saw a creative outburst of art, culture and music that is yet to find a match. Creative Art Connection is now presenting a chance to experience and connect with Harlem through the launch of its first ever adult coloring book by Atlanta based artist, Corey Barksdale.

The new coloring book is where the budding artist can paint in myriad colors the desires, aspirations and struggles of African-Americans that Harlem stood for in the past. Connecting to a higher level of consciousness is what adult coloring books are all about. Whether classical or cubist, amateur or professional, anyone willing to spare a few hours can experience the highs of artistic meditation.

From street life to nature, close portraits and landscapes, there is no aspect of life that remains untouched in the bare, blank pages of the Harlem Renaissance Coloring Book. There are contours to be filled up, eyes to be given a personal expression, and an old era to be brought alive and given new forms and meanings as seen through the present.

Corey Barksdale hails from Nashville, Tennessee, and carries his family’s artistic tradition. His inclination towards design and details was set in motion by his grandmother, who was a quilt artist, and his mother who taught him to see details with intuition. Corey earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree from the prestigious Atlanta College of Art. His early art imbibed the creative strains of mainstream artists such as Jasper Johns, Clifford Still, and William deKooning. His love for African-American art derives inspiration from masters such as Aaron Douglas, John Biggers, Romere Bearden, and William Tolliver.

Creative Art Connection has earned fame as the place where amateurs, budding artists and professionals spend hours giving form and shape to the most basic human elements. The organization promotes artistic values and endeavors through a host of activities including regular art classes in Atlanta, Decatur kids parties, mobile art parties and fundraisers. Their online store can be accessed for membership, merchandise, buying or commissioning art, and for internships and volunteer jobs.

To know more, please visit: http://www.creative-art-connection.us/harlem-renaissance-coloring-book.html

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