Hilarion Ltd launches portable Hydrogen rich-water maker

Line of products offer customers health benefits, healing, and relief from diseases

Today, Hilarion Ltd UK is proud to announce the launch of their line of portable Hydrogen water maker through its trading brand H2 Miracle Water. The products are designed to help transform ordinary water into hydrogen rich water that provides endless health benefits and healing and relief of diseases. Customers can choose from product options including portable hydrogen water maker (blue water and athlete), Hydrogen water mist spray, advance hydrogen water generator (Lourdes) and more.

Customers can purchase any of their product online at www.h2miraclewater.com

“Hydrogen-rich water provides excellent health benefits for consumers. We have created miracle water to help deal with the growing health concerns around the world. We wanted people to have access to water that does not only quench taste but fight diseases, revitalizes the body and improve general wellbeing of the individual. Our water will change your world for good,” said Sandra Smith.

Hydrogen water maker provides a whole lot of health benefits. It is an excellent antioxidant with the capacity to effect changes to the molecular levels in the body. Hydrogen intake is known to increase hydration in the body and more taste satisfying than tap water. Taking hydrogen rich water can help improve brainpower so that we can use the brain to its maximum level. Hydrogen water is also known to be effective in eczema treatment, regulating blood pressure to maintain high performance, reduce symptoms of chronic illness and can help remove impurities from inside the body.

“I like the design and size of the bottle that allows me to take it anywhere I want to go. I also like the fact that it is filter free and I can charge it using the USB charger. I now find it difficult to leave home without it, as it energizes me and makes me feel I am full of life. Hydrogen water is something that I think is going to become a part of me forever,” said Andrew M, a frequent hydrogen rich-water customer.

The H2 miracle water website offers customers eight different product options and accessories for various categories of users. Every product is guaranteed to offer consumers quality hydrogen water delivered within minutes, at the touch of a button, free international shipping and 1 year warranty.

About HILARION Limited T/A H2 Miracle Water

HILARION Limited T/A H2 Miracle Water is an e-commerce company company based in Jthe UK, United Arab Emirates and Korea. The company provides the highest quality patented technology that delivers hydrogen-rich water, in a portable bottle, to improve hydration, eliminate illnesses and offer other health benefits.

For more information, please contact +44 (0) 800 240 4718, customerservice@h2miraclewater.com, www.h2miraclewater.com

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Company Name: HILARION Limited T/A H2 Miracle Water
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Email: customerservice@h2miraclewater.com
Phone: +44 (0) 800 240 4718
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