Discover the best of Europe with Wouter Coppens’ travel guides

For those looking to explore some of the best places in Europe such as Iceland, Berlin, and Bruges, author Wouter Coppens has launched a series of books to help the tourists explore the best. His three books, each dedicated to an individual place consists of useful information that’ll help the tourists explore these places seamlessly.

His book, “Iceland-Ultimate Road Trip” is made for the ones who wish to explore the beauty of Iceland by road. This book promises to take the traveler on an exciting road trip, where they’ll visit the most popular places along with some underrated and hidden gems of the beautiful country. The book features elaborated details for going on a road trip to Iceland along ring road 1, golden and diamond circles. It also features a guide to discovering the snaefelness peninsula along with more than 85 highlights of the country.

All the highlights and destinations are mentioned with clear GPS coordinates and directions. The book also features useful tips from locals and overall, it is a complete guide to discovering the best of Iceland in 13 days and 2750 km. The travelers will also find a fully mapped city walking tour in the serene city of Reykjavík.

Considering that it often becomes difficult for the travelers to explore a city without a tourist guide, Coppens has released these books on after thorough research and feedback from the travelers to offer them with the best tourist guide that’ll prove to be of real help. Also, it is not always possible for the travelers to afford a local tourist guide which is when this book comes into the light, as an affordable and portable option while traveling to popular European destinations.

Berlin is another popular tourist attraction in Europe and to explore the same, travelers can use Coppens’ book “Berlin City Guide: Travel Guide with 5 unique walking tours to discover Berlin on your own” which eliminates the need to hire a tour guide. The book enables the traveler to explore the city through 5 walking tours which take them through the most popular attractions and lesser-known places of the city. It features information, maps, and directions to more than 49 places which the traveler can explore on their own. This book also describes some tips from the locals which will help the traveler make their stay more pleasant in the city. The book also features background information and facts about the city.

The book, “Bruges City Guide” by author Coppens’ enables the traveler to explore the city of Bruges in Belgium. The book is written by the Belgians and features two unique walking tours of the city. It describes more than 27 highlights as well as background information and facts about the city.

These books are created for the travelers who like to discover places on their own.

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