E-Juice Deals Offers Best Deals for Vaping at Unbeatable Wholesale Prices

RICHMOND, VA – Switching from cigarettes to vaping or e-juice isn’t always light on the purse in the long run. E-liquids get sold at varying prices online and at stores, and it is hard to buy one at wholesale prices. Those looking for the best deals need not look further than E-Juice Deals, the new entrant in online shopping for e-liquids. E-Juice Deals is where members can browse popular and high quality brand listings at some of the lowest prices available today.

E-Juice Deals has been founded to offer vape juice at wholesale prices to regular vape users. The attraction of vaping or e-juice is huge, and that makes users willing to pay very high prices at retail stores and online shops. E-Juice Deals charges a small monthly membership fee, with members enjoying wholesale prices at 50% discount. There are no worries of buying a minimum or maximum quantity either.

Regular users who patronize their small stores are often constrained with buying from a limited range of brands. E-Juice Deals lists all major brands and manufacturers, such as Levels, Verde, Excision, Humble Vape Co and Nothing Bundt Vapes. E-liquids can be bought in bottle sizes from 30ml to 60ml. Membership levels range from 1-month VIP to one year VIP membership, and come with a free e-juice gift. A full-fledged membership gets up to 70% off.

“Premium juice at wholesale pricing. I can’t believe someone didn’t come up with this sooner. This is a great idea and concept, and anyone can now get the best deals on e-juice on the internet!” said Guy Laver, CFO, EcoVape LLC.

E-Juice Deals is where vaping enthusiasts can get the most attractive deals on e-juices available today. A member at E-Juice Deals needs to buy only as much e-juice as they require. New users who wish to try it out can now go for the basic, free account with 5% discount on prices.

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