T3 Office Recycling Solutions Offers Free Recycling Consultation and Audits for Businesses, Government Agencies, and Other Organizations

T3 Office Recycling Solutions President and CEO, Buzz Raley, announced that the company is offering free recycling consultations and audits for private businesses, state and federal government agencies, and educational institutions.
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T3 Office Recycling Solutions based in Rancho Cordova, California helps businesses, government agencies and educational institutions recycle surplus supplies that otherwise may end up in landfills. Buzz Raley, President and CEO, announced that T3 is offering free consultations and audits to ensure that organizations are gaining the most financial benefit from recycling and disposal of surplus supplies, while at the same time reducing their environmental footprint.

T3 has a focus on collecting, and then putting into reuse, surplus new and used printer supplies, data storage media, and consumable printer parts and other materials. Within most organizations, surplus supplies and materials frequently just sit around storage areas, either on pallets or in closets, until someone decides to scrap them. Most of the time the final disposition of the materials is to put them into the trash and they end up in landfills. T3 helps organizations identify valuable surplus supplies, provides financial benefits for recycling, and at the same time helps reduce the organizations’ environmental footprint by keeping excess supplies out of landfills.

Raley stated, “Knowing the right questions to ask can uncover hidden value sitting in stocks of unused supplies in most organizations. Technology changes very rapidly and consumable supplies are not always effectively managed when equipment is updated. Printer fleet refreshes are a typical example of where we see excess supplies left over.” He continued, “The good news is that excess or left-over stocks have a value and can generate new revenue sources if managed efficiently.”

T3’s Full Circle Solution Program provides advice to private businesses, government agencies, and educational institutions on how they can incorporate recycling programs into their day-to-day work cycle, staying on top of supplies inventory as change happens. Depending on the organization, it can be a weekly, monthly, or quarterly review and purging process. As long as personnel are educated on what to watch for, and there is good communication within the organization, the process can turn a one-time event into an ongoing process, once implemented. The program can create a revenue stream that didn’t previously exist in their facilities. Not only are they receiving financial incentives, they are keeping usable materials out of landfills.

T3 Office Recycling Solutions is California’s leading recycler of new and used toner cartridge, ink cartridge, and data storage media supplies. The company works with private businesses, educational institutions, state and federal government agencies, and non-profit organizations to develop customized revenue-generating and environmentally-friendly recycling solutions. T3 is certified under the Responsible Recycling (R2:2013) and the ISO 14001:2004 Environmental Management Systems international standards. The company is certified in California as a Small Business (No. 30811). The Sacramento County Board of Supervisors named T3 The Sustainable Business of the Year in 2013.

For more information about T3 Office Recycling Solutions, visit http://www.T3RS.com.

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