Leading Coding Program For Kids Opens in Fremont

FREMONT, CA – 1/18/2017 (PRESS RELEASE JET) — theCoderSchool, the largest after-school computer programming program for children in Silicon Valley is opening a new school in Fremont,

California. The school will be celebrating a Grand Opening event next Sunday, January 29th 1:00pm – 3:00pm at their new Fremont location.

In the next decade it has been estimated that there will be 1,400,000 job openings in computer

science related fields. However, schools are only expected to deliver 400,000 graduates in computer science, which means that there will be shortage in workers qualified to meet all those job openings. This is not just a problem in computer science fields as companies are moving towards automation and artificial intelligence and eventually every field will require some computer programming knowledge.

theCoderSchool is filling a gap that currently exists in traditional school curriculums which are falling behind the rapid pace at which technology advances. Students are ready but the school curriculum is not there yet.

Parents also want their children to be learning more computer programming, so a lot of the existing programs in schools today are the result of parent volunteering. This, however, is not a scalable model and only a handful of students can benefit from it.

So, theCoderSchool saw this opportunity and created a very unique curriculum that adapts to the need of each student and parent:

  • Code Coaching™ The core of what they do and the best way to learn to code is through their semi-private lesson program called Code Coaching™. With two students to one instructor, each student gets the attention he or she needs to really dig deep and learn real coding constructs.
  • App Team A premium program that fosters team work and where the students have to present the apps they create at one of the Coder Fairs hosted every few months.
  • Code Class An entry level program for those wanting to start slowly. Code Class is a traditional curriculum-based offering. Code Classes can also be offered at a school.

To sign up for a class or camp visit fremont.thecoderschool.com

Or visit their location at 39370 Civic Center Drive, Suite G. Fremont, CA 94539

About theCoderSchool

Like many folks, we believe that coding is our future, and all kids should learn to code. Our approach to teaching is based on a local community, family-oriented style, where kids feel at ease with their friends, have fun, and learn at the same time. Our approach to the business is to do what’s best for the customer – the parents – by focusing on providing value and creating relationships.

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Company Name: The Coder School Fremont
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