Slide Spin Twin Books Make Presentation Skills easy to acquire

People can have brilliant ideas, but if they can’t get them across, their ideas won’t get them anywhere .

Learning and mastering the presentation skills has become a cakewalk with the engaging book Slide Spin: Presentation Skills for Career Success by Subbarao Mukkavilli.

In an information age, an ability to present ideas or thoughts before other in a meaningful way makes a marked difference between success and failure. Many individuals or professionals with great innovative ideas often find it extremely tough to express themselves. They miss plenty of career opportunities, and fail to translate ideas into real money due to lack of the interest of investors in investing in their ideas. In such a scenario, a book ‘Slide Spin: Presentation Skills for Career Success’ proves as a respite to all. The book is in a simple understandable language. It helps the readers learn the tricks of good presentation skills in an effortless manner. The book is available on Amazon in both Kindle and paperback editions to have an easy accessibility to all people who are struggling to unlock their full potential because of the lack of skills in successful idea presentation.

Things Covered In Slide Spin

The informative book covers many things that make the readers overcome the fear of public speaking and presenting ideas in a flawless manner.

  • Exploration and demystification of several myths related to creating persuasive presentations
  • An easy to remember and use presentation framework to create powerful presentations in a structured manner
  • An effective method to improve clarity in communication using a simple communication filter
  • List of online resources that proves useful in reducing presentation developed time and enhancing its quality
  • Plenty of tips and real world examples to help in creating and presenting winning presentations

The book has a companion workbook and both of them are available for free download for today.

The book comes with a bonus pack for a limited period. The pack includes a ready-made PowerPoint template for easy download to make an engaging PPT, sample chapters of Slide Spin textbook and Slide Spin workbook, and much more.

The book, written by Subbarao Mukkavilli, an experienced entrepreneur also covers valuable tips to assist its readers in making a polished pitch. The book also has assessment tests to enable its readers in understanding their personality and natural communication flair. With ample inclusion of case studies, pictures, examples, quotes, and formulas, the book is an engaging one to build and polish presentation skills now a vital requirement in the business world. To know more about the latest trends on presentation skills , connect with him on Facebook at

About the Author

An accomplished writer, Subbarao Mukkavilli currently works as an executive director at Karvy Insurance Repository in Hyderabad, India.

Media Contact

Name: Simon Henry
Company: Black caviar Book Club

Media Contact
Company Name: Black caviar Book Club
Contact Person: Simon Henry
Country: India