Three machinist seek help to launch their new machined metal alloy beer stein frame idea

Three machinists at Kramstien are seeking $30,000 in their pledge campaign to launch their new machined metal alloy beer stein frame idea by Feb. 14. With 28 days left in the campaign, they have collected $4095 from 31 backers.

“We’re machinists and designers by trade, and we’ve been working together for over 10 years,” stated Dan Cram, one of the three men who designed the Kramstein. “When we found some really great local draft beer, we realized that we had nothing exciting to pour our beer into. We began tinkering on some concepts for steins that aim to eliminate all the things we don’t like about drinking from steins.”

The Kramstein frame is made with two bracket rings encircling the glassware with an attached handle. “A machined metal stein, designed to keep warm hands away from cold beer,” according to Bill Espy, another Kramstein collaborator. “Ionomer bushings suspend glass in a no-swivel alloy frame.”

The Kramstein Kickstarter campaign has 12 pledge levels with rewards valued between $5 and $5000. Rewards include between one small Kramstein and 10 Kramsteins with your own choice of sizes and colors.

“Our smaller stein, the AEON, is designed to enjoy 16oz beers,” Brett D’Aquino, the third collaborator in the Kramstein project. “Our larger stein, the EPOCH, is designed as the modern version of a large, festive stein.”

The metalwork and glassware are available in four colors: Red, Blue, Gray, and Black. The glassware comes either smoked or clear and is laser-etched with decorative Viking-style art.

“At Kramstein, we are all builders here,” Cram stated. “We are makers. In making our steins, we machined our own metal, cut our own glass, made our own bushings, and assembled our own steins with corrosion-resistant fasteners.”

D’Aquino said any project have unforeseen complications, but he has worked with Espy and Cram for ten years on various projects. “We’ve worked to reduce risk from a product standpoint, by sticking to what we know best. Machined metal parts held together with stainless fasteners – it’s a craft we’ve mastered over time. We’re also trying to keep things simple, and not add any unnecessary gizmos, or anything that could make fulfillment impossible.

Espy said their modern stein design went through about three different design ideas. “After the 2nd and 3rd revisions to our steins, our friends and families heard about them, and told us they wanted steins too. We decided to make it happen. Our goal is to make modern steins for our friends, and for anyone who wants one.”

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