Best Press Release Distribution Services 2017 Revealed

Best Press Release DistributionLOS ANGELES, CA – 1/19/2017 — Many businesses are beginning to utilize the press release distribution industry more and more. The press release distribution industry helps publicize new business start ups or even give a company more exposure to the media. However, there are many customers of the press release distribution industry that do not know which companies yield the most optimal outcomes for their customers. Today we reveal the best press release distribution services of 2017.

PR Newswire

PR Newswire offers their press release distribution services for $775 and averages a syndication rate of 300 media sites. This shows PR Newswire’s ROI rate is $2.58 for each media site that syndicates your story.

PR Web

At $369, customers can access PR Web’s premium press release distribution services. PR Web’s premium press release distribution services syndicate their customers’ press releases to about 150 media sites. This yields a ROI of $2.46 per media site.

Business Wire

Business Wire’s premium plans yield a syndication rate of about 200 media sites that syndicate your story. Their services can be accessed at a rate of $499+. This means that their ROI is $2.50 for each media site to syndicate their customers’ press releases.

Easy Newswire

Easy Newswire’s premium plan is offered at $129 per press release and it yields an average syndication of 250 media sites. This means that the return on investment (ROI) of $0.52, which is very competitive in the press release distribution industry.

Press Release Jet

With the best ROI in the press release distribution industry, Press Release Jet offers their premium services for $75. Press Release Jet yields an average syndication of 400 media sites, with a guaranteed syndication of 375 media sites, which includes about 80% of the same meda sites as PR Newswire. Press Release Jet’s ROI is $0.19 per media site, which is the best ROI in the press release distribution industry. Customers who are interested in Press Release Jet’s services can request a sample distribution report from each company.

With the high competition in the press release distribution company, it is obvious that Press Release Jet takes the best press release distribution company of 2017. To access or learn more about Press Release Jet’s services, please visit

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