Hairline Ink Opens Scalp Micropigmentation Clinic in Chicago

Winnetka, IL – New, exciting things are coming to the Chicago area for those affected by hair loss. Expected to open February 1st of 2017, Hairline Ink is proud to present their brand new office in Chicago. Their first location, centered in New York, was wildly successful, with many people finding solace, confidence and a new sense of self in the offices of Hairline Ink. The company takes incredible pride in the amount of passion they have for their work. The entire staff of Hairline Ink is dedicated with their whole hearts to bringing confidence and reinvention to every single client. Hairline Ink is built on integrity, honorable authenticity and the passionate drive to change lives.

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Hairline Ink Chicago is excited to extend their branches elsewhere. As a growing company it is hard to choose new locations, but the innovative, dedicated team at Hairline Ink knew they would reach many people in Chicago. Hairline Ink believes in people, are genuine about their concern for their clients, and know that their practitioners and clients are their heart and soul. Many clients offer up their amazing tales of recovery and their new-found sense of self confidence after receiving their hair tattoo in Chicago. They felt revitalized, rejuvenated and more at peace with their reflection in the mirror. One of Hairline Ink’s greatest advantages is that their artists draw and create from intimate familiarity with the fight against all kinds of hair loss.

One of Chicago’s best hair tattoo / scalp micropigmentation artists is Michal Muszynski, who struggled with hair loss since he was a child. When he heard of scalp micropigmentation, he decided to get a procedure done. Afterwards, Mike’s life was truly changed. Not only did he find the confidence within himself that he was missing, but he also realized what a difference he could make in others’ lives. Hairline Ink brings this hard driven passion to all of their clients of Chicago and New York, refusing to treat anyone without the dignity and respect they deserve in their journey of self-confidence and self-worth. Hairline Ink is loyal to the cause of revitalizing the “You” that has been missing.

Hairline Ink Chicago’s soulful, loving staff promises expert scalp micropigmentation to all who are fighting hair loss. They know the cons of receiving regular hair transplants and wish no more nasty hair transplant fue scars on anyone suffering from Alopecia, Male Pattern Baldness, or any other form of hair loss. Hairline Ink’s Scalp micropigmentation Chicago will bring hope and an affordable, guaranteed solution coming this February; stay tuned to learn more!

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Address:894 Green Bay Road, Suite 8
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