If You Can, LLC launches Kickstarter campaign for comprehensive Android device monitoring

Fans can join the Kickstarter campaign, become a backer, and be part of something great

Today, If You Can, LLC is proud to announce the launch of its Kickstarter campaign to raise awareness and funding of their apps designed to help monitor all Android smartphones and tablets via an intuitive dashboard. The application allows users to view all devices on a dynamic timeline; and monitor texts contacts, details, and activities on social media applications. You can also use the device to record phone calls, record sounds and screenshots, and remotely wipe unrecoverable devices.

Options are available for consumers and businesses, and anyone can join the revolution by visiting the official website at www.ifyoucan.com

“Mobile phones have taken over the world, transforming our way of life. Owning one is as important as anything, helping you to connect everywhere in the world. Unfortunately, it has now become prone to overuse, and everyone is at risk. The If You Can suite of monitoring and backup apps is created to help mobile device users monitor their activities and become more responsible. We encourage you to join us as we find solutions for a better future,” said Kevin Bloom, CEO, Founder, Initial Investor.


If You Can’s suite of apps are available for personal and business uses. The user-friendly dashboard makes it easy for parents to monitor the activities of their children and ensures they comply to moderation. It is also very useful in the business environment. Delivery companies can use the app to monitor their efficiency and guarantee that goods are delivered to customers within the speculated time. This action will ensure efficiency of the business and demand for optimum productivity.


If You Can’s monitoring and backup apps are loaded with features that make them the ideal solution for customers wary of the safety of their children and data. Customers have access to a highly comprehensive dashboard that delivers instant information on all the activities for every device. The control and insight include many powerful real-time commands, complete historical device data and the ability to see current device statuses such as location, battery level, charging status and network connectivity. Textual (e.g. Contacts, call history, message history, location history and more) and multimedia data (e.g. recorded ambient sounds, images, videos, call recordings, remote screenshots/videos) are securely and instantly uploaded to and stored in the cloud.

The app delivers real-time alerts that are sent to your email or If You Can’s free Manager app when unexpected events happen (e.g. your child taking pictures in school, texting at night, leaving school, entering forbidden places). Now, when your children install new apps, you’ll be instantly alerted.

Future capabilities:

If You Can, LLC plans to use the funds from its Kickstarter campaign to expand its features and release an even more advanced version of its solution with ‘first to market’ features.

The app is being integrated with Amazon Alexa enabled devices to deliver voice controlled monitoring of Android devices, from anywhere in the world. Nearly all of If You Can’s existing management capabilities will be voice enabled.  These include reporting devices as lost or stolen, remotely locking and unlocking devices, taking pictures from the device’s cameras and much much more.

Small and medium enterprises will be able to deploy this solution for delivery tracking, monitoring of team’s productivity and more.

In addition, If You Can will roll out its new technology that will nearly guarantee the identification of phone thieves and the return of stolen devices.

Join the Kickstarter campaign:

If You Can, LLC is giving everyone the opportunity to join in their cause. There are many backer levels with exciting rewards, including a personal visit from a board member. But, for just $2, backers will get a mention on the backers’ page that will be made available for public view in over 190 countries.

Join in the Kickstarter campaign and become a part of the creation team at: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/kevinbloom/android-device-monitoring-catch-me-if-you-can?token=45c241a5

About If You Can, LLC:

If You Can, LLC, along with its affiliate If You Can Holdings Limited, is a technology company that provides solutions that transform the way we live. The company is comprised of a team of experts, technicians, and engineers in different fields, with the intentions to do something great.

For more information, please contact +1 (314) 827-4881, marketing@ifyoucan.com or visit www.ifyoucan.com

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