Esteemed Army Captain Mykel Hawkeye Joins In Kris Degioia’s Cyber stalking Awareness Campaign

Top digital marketer Kris Degioia’s Cyber stalking awareness campaign gets a new edge with active participation by senior U.S. Army Special Forces Captain (retired) Mykel Hawkeye. Both Degioia & Mykel had been victims of cyber stalking and now they are looking forward to help other victims in their fight.

Nashville, TN, January 19, 2017: Forbes top 10 digital marketing strategist Kris Degioia is on a different mission of late and she has garnered active participation from none other than esteemed U.S. Army Special Forces Captain (retired) Mykel Hawkeye in her endeavor. But how is it that the CEO of WTF Multimedia and the erstwhile Military Officer share the same vision? Well, the leading online marketer has recently launched a cyber-stalking awareness campaign “Know it. Name it. Stop it.” and Hawkeye, who has also been a victim of cyber stalking earlier, have readily joined in to help Degioia in her efforts to enlighten the world about the severity of cyber bullying.

A victim of all types of cyber stalking for years, Degioia was forced to change her name, contact number and move three times. She knows there are many like her and unfortunately 99% of them suffer in silence which in turn abets the criminal stalkers to go on with their nasty antics in flying colors. Thus, she decided to come up with a campaign, which, added to making people aware of the cyber stalking menace, also aims to lend support to the victims and encourage them to come forward which would eventually urge the law enforcement agencies and social media platforms to take the needful action.

It was Degioia’s PR about her cyber stalking awareness campaign that inspired Mykel to contact her to join in the campaign.

“It’s a moment of great honor for me to announce that the great Military hero Mykel Hawkeye has joined in my cyber stalking awareness campaign. Shockingly, he himself had been a victim of cyber stalking by Joe Teti and like me; he too is looking forward to make the world aware of the menace. Mykel’s participation has rendered a solid leverage to my campaign and adds much value by showing it’s not just women that get stalked- in fact, it happens to men also and not just to men being cyber stalked by other women but by other men also”, stated Kris Degioia.

Kris has recently founded a new website that will share the details of her new campaign and she is scheduled for a 4-month tour, starting from March 2017. In the tour, she would speak to the world about her tragic experience of being cyber stalked and about how she was stalked, tortured, harassed, mentally abused, and attacked by someone SHE DIDN’T EVEN KNOW!

“Cyber stalking has shot up over time and is more common today than in-person stalking. Apart from adults, even teen and kids are subjected to such threats and the worst part is children are helpless and in most cases such menacing actions can cost lives. I know most of the victims stay silent as they are either embarrassed or think nobody will believe them. But more you suffer in silence; wider would be the path for those criminals to play with you. My campaign is meant to lend a supportive hand to the victims so that they can know that they aren’t alone in the fight. Come on, we cannot let those evil beings go unpunished, let’s join hands to beat them by speaking up which hopefully would push the world to take the problem seriously and come up with the needful steps.”

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