YouTube’s Youngest Gamers Showcased In Viral Video

YouTube has had its share of young internet stars and the trend continues with 2017’s youngest YouTubers featured in a new viral video about gamers.

To make the top 10 list of the youngest YouTubers in the gaming video world is no easy task. Ages may vary but the creativeness found from these young YouTube stars has been an amazing journey all wrapped up in one viral video less than 2 minutes long.

Several young gamers on YouTube are instantly recognized by many fans who keep up with new games in the community. Some of the YouTubers have been uploading videos for years while others are very new to having their own channel.

DLM Media Research took the time to find who the youngest YouTubers were in gaming for 2017 and put them together in a single video for the masses.

“We were shocked how young some of these internet sensations were, said Darla Mornin, head of video content at DLM. Some of the youngest gamers on YouTube are only 5 and 6 years old and have thousands up to millions of views and subscribers, it is really amazing and we knew others would want to see this top 10 list.”

FGTeeV has a family member name Chase at 5 that has millions of subscribers and another channel named Cool Kid Approved features a 6 year old gamer with popular Minecraft and ROBLOX videos. There are hundreds of gamers on YouTube and this viral video is able to showcase some of the youngest ones with a growing audience.

The video featuring the Youngest YouTubers in Gaming is now live on YouTube and has garnished thousands of views since launch.

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