Greek Independent News Releases its List of the Best Carpet Cleaners Available to Buy in 2017

Greek Independent News’ editor-in-chief, Shirley Carter, announces the site’s choices for the best carpet cleaners of the year.

Various carpet cleaner manufacturers have been hyping up their products through aggressive marketing campaigns for decades, and finding the right model based solely on over-promising advertisements is certainly unwise. This is why Shirley Carter, the editor-in-chief of Greek Independent News, has announced that the site is publishing a guide on the best carpet cleaners for the year.

“There’s so much misinformation floating about and no one is doing anything to address this,” Carter remarked. “We’re trying to give our readers the cold truth about what to expect from a given model, brand name or not.”

The guide can be found at Greek Independent News and is the result of a series of tests conducted in real household environments that left even some well thought of brand name products out of the final selection. It combines facts and figures with the author’s own personal experiences and is written in an easy to understand yet informative way. Carter gives each product the benefit of the doubt, reviewing them in detail, pointing out shortcomings and strong suits as well as offering a final verdict on whether or not the given cleaner’s reputation is well deserved.

Readers are also presented with more generalized information that aims to make their ultimate decision more in tune with reality and takes into account their personal preferences as well as budgetary constraints.  A broad range of topics is touched upon, such as the need to take pets or the ability of a cleaner to handle surfaces other than carpets into consideration. A handy overview table is also provided, showcasing reviewed models’ general characteristics in a way that makes them easier to compare. By the time they’re through with the guide, readers should have a more thorough understanding of what kind of carpet cleaners are on offer today, and how best to choose one that is closely aligned with their needs.

Carter’s idea is for Greek Independent News to become a hub that educates its readers on purchasing household items and appliances for cleaning as well as cooking. It offers professional, comprehensive guides on a number of these and keeps customers apprised of new developments regarding technological advances in the field of domestic life. It is regularly updated with new guides as well as more general articles offering practical information and tips on various domestic subjects.

For more information, Carter can be reached by phone at +1-406-204-7966 or by visiting online.

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