High Rise in Capital Expenditure and Investment for Medical Waste Management Market

Sharp growth rate in awareness and prominence of medical waste recycling concept has been aiding market revenue at brisk CAGR and is expected to continue to do so during the observation period of 2015-2020.

Disposals from hospitals, clinics, diagnostic centers, pharmaceuticals, physician’s offices, dental practices, blood banks, veterinary hospitals/clinics, medical research facilities, laboratories and other healthcare related institutions often include biohazardous waste which can cause ill-effects. These harmful effects need to be avoided. To take care of this best, the medical waste management market has come into existence. Improving awareness of this idea has been adding up to the global sales of this industry. Rising awareness has led to increased scope of medical waste management devices across the globe.

Medical waste management is basically the process of regulating the generation, handling, storage, treatment, and disposal of medical waste. Improper management of waste generated in health care facilities causes a direct health impact on the community, the health care workers and on the environment.

Stringent environment and safety regulations for medical waste management have been set based on standards for the treatment and storage of medical waste. The Healthcare and Pharmaceutical organizations are the major generators on medical waste. This waste needs to be properly controlled and efficiently disposed.

Prime Driving Factors of the Market:

According to IndustryARC expert analysis, the leading propellants of the Medical Waste Management Market are:

  • Increased numbers of hospitals are adopting for a healthier and more hygienic workflow

  • Rising investment for waste disposal among pharmaceuticals as well

  • Growing awareness of importance of medical waste disposal

  • Developing medical waste disposal regulations by government agencies and more

Regional Forecast:

Asia Pacific is accounted to hold the largest regional market share of the global medical waste management market. The growing adoption in this region demands heightened regulatory actions and stringent rules in order to be able to manage the entire process smoothly in hospitals. India, Australia, Jagan and China are considered to be the top contributors to the overall market currently and will continue to be the same even during the forecast period of the upcoming forecast period of 2015-2020.

North America and Europe invests huge capital for the Medical Waste Management Market for providing advanced facilities for biomedical waste disposal and medical waste recycling. These regions are projected to show healthy growths as well. The US, Germany, UK, France are some of the prominent countries for contribution.

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In-depth Segmentation:

By Type of Waste: Collective waste, Biomedical wastes, Cytotoxic waste, Anatomical waste, Pharmaceutical waste, Genotoxic waste, Chemical waste and Radioactive waste

By Treatment technology: Thermal Processes (Low-Heat Thermal Technologies: Dry Heat Systems, Medium- and High-Heat Thermal Technologies), Chemical-Based Technologies (Chlorine Based System, Non-Chlorine Based System and others), Irradiative Process, Biological Process, Mechanical Process and Non-incineration Process

By Clinical Trial Waste Management:

  • By Delivery Mode: Cloud based clinical trial management system, Web based clinical trial management system and On-premise clinical trial management system

  • By Type: Enterprise based clinical trial management system, Site based clinical trial management system

  • By End user: Pharmaceuticals, Clinical Research Organizations and Healthcare providers

  • By Components: Software, Hardware and Services

By Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Waste
: More than one P- or U-listed drug, Chemotherapy agents, Drugs with LD50, Endocrine disrupters, Immunosuppressant and Toxicity due to chromium, selenium, or cadmium

By Activity Movement and Services: Collection, Processing, Transportation, Storage, Disposal and Recycling

By Treatment Site: On site treatment, Off-site treatment

By geography: North America, South America, Europe, Asia Pacific and ROW

Vendors Brief:

IndustryARC’s market research report on Medical Waste Management Market includes more than 40 top industry players with few of them being:

  • Converge Medical Solutions, LLC

  • Stericycle, Inc.

  • P. Henkel GmbH

  • Biomedical Waste Services

  • Biopro LLC

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