The Naked Wallet: Changing Tradition with Cool Minimal Wallets

Cool Wallets – A Better Alternative to the Traditional Bulky Wallet.

Tradition can be a wonderful thing until it gets in the way of convenience and comfort. For many years, men’s and women’s wallets have been a primary choice for gifts since nearly everyone carries one. The diversity of styles and quality made it simple to choose one that was right for the individual while also considering the buyer’s budget. Today’s carefree lifestyle and a demand for simplicity by those in walks of life have changed what many feel is the ideal way to carry their money and credit cards.

Men’s Wallets

A man may use his wallet for only personal use or it may be used as a place where he keeps his business cards or other items presented in a professional capacity. In either case, his wallet needs to be both presentable and functional. By the time he adds seven or eight credit cards, his ID’s including his driver’s license, and whatever cash he typically carries with him, the wallet could end up being several inches thick! Even more problematic for some is that finding what is needed becomes impossible and attempts to do so often turn into a mess.

The Naked Wallet eliminates the bulk that occurs with a bi-fold or tri-fold wallet with a minimal design. The wallet is a narrow open band of leather with a spring action opening that works by pressing on the ends. Cash is folded in the middle and cards place in the center before placing in the center of the Naked Wallet and releasing the spring. Everything is held in place and is easy to find when it is needed.

Women’s Wallets

Women carry wallets differently than men. Most place theirs in their purse and many have even more compartments than those made for men. What many women who have tried these cool money clips are finding is that it is often more convenient and comfortable to use a Naked Wallet instead of taking their purse. When women go for a night of dancing or clubbing, or they just want to hit the world’s largest yard sale, they need their hands free and their money where it is secure and easy-to-access.

The more people who try the Naked Wallet, the more popular it becomes. The minimal wallet is available in a variety of colors that make it ideal for both men and women and it is affordable enough to buy as gifts for everyone.

About Naked Wallet

The Naked Wallet ( is a revolutionary alternative to traditional wallets and purses. The unique yet simple design allows you to carry cash, credit cards, and ID in a neat, orderly manner without the clutter that accumulates in a wallet. Everything stays securely in place and is easy to access whenever it is needed. The choice of colors makes Naked Wallet a good choice for anyone who wants cool wallets or cool money clips that are as appealing visually as they are functional and affordable.

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