Benewake’s LiDAR Product Debuted at CES in Las Vegas

The much anticipated International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2017 was successfully held in Las Vegas on January 5-8 local time. The annual CES is by far the worlds largest and most widely influential consumer electronics show and consumer technology event. In 2017, celebrating the 50th anniversary of CES, Benewake successfully launched its latest LiDAR product at the CES, which won many overseas customers by virtue of its excellent performance and overseas IPRs and certifications.

DE LiDAR TF01, product widely known in the drone and smart devices industries, was an immediate success upon its appearance at the showIts application in altitude measurement, drone terrain following, distance measurement and security sensors were particularly attractive to visitors from all over the world.

Benewake’s LiDAR Product Debuted at CES in Las Vegas
Image 1: DE LiDAR TF01’s Altitude Measurement Module

Benewake’s LiDAR Product Debuted at CES in Las Vegas
Image 2: A View of Benewake’s Booth at CES 2017 

The module, already in mass production, can work with flight controllers like Pixhawk and TopXGun and addresses the difficulty of altitude measurement that many drone and flight controller producers experienced. Unlike traditional altitude measurement solutions such as GPS, barometers and ultrasound, the module can detect and refresh the distance between a flying drone and crops on the ground in real time at a frequency of 500 times per secondIt also ensures that the drone can fly at a stable height with an error in centimeters. The module, which is free from the interference of temperature, ambient light change and airflow, can also significantly improve the work performance of drones.

During the show, TF01 was synchronously launched for sale on global hardware platforms like Seeed ( and RobotShop ( and dozens of distributors kick off business talks with Benewake.

Benewake began to deploy a patenting strategy overseas for its LiDAR product as early as 2014. By far, it has built an independent intellectual property system (through overseas patents) and passed a complete range of European and American product certification (FCC, CE, etc.), which ensures the legitimate use and sale of the product internationally.

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