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“Lean Construction” von Alexander Lange
Alexander Lange’s easily understandable book “Lean Construction” will simplify your life as a construction manager, planner, owner, or consultant for good.

Construction projects are always rather complex and often even the best plans don’t quite work out when it comes to the actual progress. Why construction progress is often slower than planned and what you can do to change this is just one of the interesting topics in this book. People who are working in the construction industry, be it as a construction manager, planner, owner or consultant, will find helpful information that will enable them to be more efficient and also simplify many of the processes that are involved in planning and executing construction projects.

Six topics that are relevant to construction build the main core of the non-fiction book “Lean Construction” von Alexander Lange. Each chapter is introduced with a provocative key questions, such as “why is construction progress always lower than planned”, “why is building a steering room more than installing a performance board” or the question of “how to steer a construction site with takt-time” and many other topics such as performance management, or integrated collaborative planning. The question is then answered in detail, showing where the problem lies and how you can avoid it or make things go smoother than before. Unlike other books on the topic, this book is not only easy to understand but also fun to read.

“Lean Construction” von Alexander Lange ist ab sofort im tredition Verlag oder alternativ unter der ISBN 978-3-7345-8169-4 zu bestellen. Der tredition Verlag hat es sich zum wichtigsten Ziel gesetzt, jungen und unbekannten Autoren die Veroffentlichung eigener Bucher zu ermoglichen, aber auch Verlagen und Verlegern eine Kooperation anzubieten. tredition veroffentlicht Bucher in allen Medientypen, vertreibt im gesamten Buchhandel und vermarktet Bucher seit Oktober 2012 auch aktiv.

Alle weiteren Informationen zum Buch gibt es unter: https://tredition.de

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