Cleaning Service Brings Online Booking to Ann Arbor Michigan

Ann Arbor, MI – Maids in a Minute is a company providing residential cleaning services in a way that allows customers to book a maid from their company in a matter of seconds. Their innovative online platform coupled with their quality cleaning crew is bringing a whole new dynamic to the cleaning services of Ann Arbor, Michigan.

It’s no secret that people tend to mess things up. Whether daily in homes where children constantly come and go bringing destruction with them. Or if occasionally, a party is thrown and everyone leaves before they get asked to help clean, or even if you’re just too busy to deal with the constant chores that pile up when you’re on the run. That is why it’s so nice to have a cleaning service that takes the hard task of keeping a clean home off your hands. However, booking a maid can be a time-consuming process that may yield unsatisfactory results. Looking for a maid the old fashion way would involve weeding through dozens of resumes to try and find the perfect fit yourself, however, that would take too long especially if you have a busy schedule. Using an online site is a good way to go, but other companies lack common cleaning standards for every worker with Maids in a Minute possesses. Their addresses all those problems homeowners stress about to provide the highest level of customer satisfaction.

Maid in a minute has changed how customers book the cleaning service they need. With their easy 60-second booking process, a customer can figure out how much it will and what services are provided. This company doesn’t trap their clients with contracts, and the best part is that their services have a flat-rate pricing structure based on the size of the home. And it isn’t just their solid pricing and easy booking that makes their company stand out. But their professional and reliable teams can handle any mess. Plus, they provide supplies and equipment for the team so that the client can get back to life quickly with no worries about messes in their living space.

Maid in a Minute has reinvented the cleaning service industry with their quick and easy online booking. Few companies can say they are doing what Maid in a Minute has perfected. It’s no wonder that their clients are raving about their service. And that’s why they can proudly proclaim their 200% satisfaction guarantee.

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Company Name: Maids in a Minute
Contact Person: Ray Malaski
Phone: 8105456243
City: Ann Arbor
State: Michigan
Country: United States