Lintech Enterprises Limited supplies automotive safety video systems and access control components

Lintech Enterprises Limited excels in supplying an extensive array of access control parts as well as advanced technical video systems finding widespread applications in automotive safety.

It doesn’t need to be emphasized that the fruits of and spinoffs from modern technology has benefited mankind in countless number of ways rendering existence incredibly comfortably. Take for instance the automated teller machine that dispenses cash the moment a plastic card is swiped and some knobs are pressed or the automatic vending machine that regurgitates lozenges or beverages after some coins are dropped inside a slot. These days, vehicles are outfitted with state-of-the-art gadgets and devices including a rear view or night vision camera that can help prevent accidents and collisions thereby saving countless lives. Lintech Enterprises Limited is a reputed commercial organization with its office based in Dongguan City (in between Shenzhen and Guangzhou cities) that has built and cemented its reputation by supplying the components that play a key role in making the aforementioned equipment function effectively like a motor card reader.

Lintech Enterprises Limited sources, markets, and distributes a wide range of highly specialized technical components under the brand name of Lukador. Lintech Enterprises Limited has for several years now has been wholeheartedly devoted to procuring and distributing extremely sophisticated components like RS232 magnetic card reader, TTL magnetic card reader, e-passport reader, card dispenser, RFID card dispenser, IC card dispenser, magnetic card dispenser, automatic card collector, HD POE IP camera, Hidden HD POE IP camera, and automatic number plate recognition camera. The company owns and administers its own factory for manufacturing a whole range of auto equipment items. Lintech Enterprises Limited specializes in producing not only standardized technical components but also bespoke ones just according to the specifications or stipulations provided by customers.

Talking about the efficiency about Lintech’s products, take for instance its USB magnetic swipe card reader. It comes equipped with some highly unique and exclusive features including but not limited to swiped card reading in two directions, USB customization, and conformance with ISO 7811/12 standards. This swipe card reader is installed inside POS terminals, ID verification/authentication systems or devices, member management systems, and inquiry systems. The component has a recording capacity in three formats or variants of 107 characters, 40 characters, and 79 characters. The error rate of this part/component is even less than 0.5% and its header has a capacity of reading up to a maximum of 8, 00, 000 cards in its entire lifecycle.

USB magnetic swipe card reader

The motor card reader is another component that Lintech Enterprises Limited specializes in supplying to a large number of institutional customers throughout the world. This motorized card scanner or reader is used in ATM machines of banks, telecom firms, self-service systems, money rechargeable machines, self-service card recharging or renewing machines, and electronic wallets or purses. The reader can scan cards having three magnetic stripes.

About Lintech Enterprises Limited

Lintech Enterprises Limited has its works situated in Guangdong province and is one of the leading dealers of professional access control equipment and automotive safety video systems.

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