Mr. Bark: The Best Pet Grooming Glove

Now available in stock and the dogs are loving it already

January 23, 2017 – UK – Mr. Bark has announced their all new pet grooming glove to brush all kinds of pet hair. Pet owners can use to massage and groom their pets with this ultimate glove that it designed to treat the pets with love and care. Gentle hassle free hair removal and user-friendly design make it easy to use and it is also welcomed by the pets. Mr. Bark is available in stock on Amazon with a stunning 41% discount at only £12.95 with a free delivery all across the United Kingdom.

“My rescued collie Jack has always hated being brushed, he gets very scared when you lift an object over him as he was often beaten by his previous owner,” said one of the customers on Amazon in his review about Mr. Bark. “This glove is amazing, it allows be to brush Jacks long thick coat without terrifying him and causing me the heartache of doing so! The glove is good quality and I will be recommending it to friends! 5 stars from me and Jack! Thank You, Mr Bark,” he added.

Mr. Bark is specially designed to take care of the skin of the pet and it does not cause any kind of damage even if the pet moves vigorously during the grooming. The massaging tips of Mr. Bark are designed to give amazing pleasure to the pet and give the owners an experience of loving their pets like never before. It increases the overall connectivity between the owner and the pet that makes the bond of a Man and his best friend even stronger.

User reviews, ratings and testimonials on Amazon about the glove have been phenomenal and it is getting straight 5-star ratings due to its impressive design as well as performance. The weight of the glove is only 41 grams and it keeps the pet hair smooth and soft. The soft massaging rubber tips keep the pet healthy and stimulate the pet skin like nothing else. Pets are mostly annoyed by ordinary grooming brushes with hard tips and run away from the owners at the time of grooming or bathing. However, the specially designed hand-shaped Mr. Bark is something entirely opposite to the conventional grooming tools.

Features of Mr. Bark are amazing as the hand-shaped glove is a revolutionary design to groom and massage all kinds of hairy pets. It works perfectly on dry as well as wet hair and fur. Owners of dogs, cats, rabbits, horses and other animals can use it perfectly with all kinds of animal hair/fur. The soft silicon tips magically attract pet hair for an ultimate grooming experience. In addition, the hair stick to the glove making a clean grooming possible and minimizing them from messing up all over the house. In addition, the adjustable cuff of Mr. Bark fits on all sizes on hands with a grip for an easy use for everyone.

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