Legends of Elements – Fantasy novel about the truth behind stories

“Legends of Elements” by Philipp Conrad
Philipp Conrad’s characters question the validity of old stories in “Legends of Elements”.

Some stories seem to be too far-fetched to be true. Some stories seem to be too magical, and others are too depressing. These stories are handed down from one generation to the next. They are re-told dozens of times, and nobody really remembers when the stories started. How much truth is there to the stories and how much should you adhere to the morals and ethics contained in them? The characters in this new exciting fantasy novel wonder whether the stories of old are true or whether they have only been made up by a very creative mind in the past. There is only one way to find out the truth about certain stories – and this one way leads to an exciting, but not quite safe journey.

Readers will discover a fresh fantasy story in “Legends of Elements” by Philipp Conrad. There are, of course, elves involved – but it is not all as it seems. The fictional world is filled with characters that have doubts about life, and many philosophical questions find their way into the plot. Readers are entertained, but are also encouraged to ask themselves a few questions about their own beliefs. Books that make you think, laugh, and cry are rare. Often books only entertain or educate. Readers who would like to have both in one book, should give this fantasy novel a chance.

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