announces the relaunch of encrypted email services on Inauguration Day

DALLAS, TEXAS – 23 Jan, 2017 – Lavabit, LLC is excited to announce the next chapter in internet freedom with the relaunch of its encrypted email service, the open source Dark Mail Internet Environment (DIME), and Magma, the company’s associated DIME compatible server.

The official relaunch date of is January, 20th, 2016.

In 2014, the company suspended its service to protect global customers after the US government ordered Lavabit to release its Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) private keys in the wake of the Edward Snowden data release. Citing its philosophy of digital rights, privacy and customer protection the company suspended operations.

Developed by Lavabit, DIME and Magma combine to form an open source secure end-to-end communications platform for asynchronous messaging across the Internet.  By encrypting all facets of an email transmission (body, metadata, and transport layer), Lavabit guarantees the security of users with the least amount of information leakage possible.

According, to Lavabit founder, Ladar Levison, “Today, former Lavabit users will be able to restore their accounts in Trustful mode and update their credentials to the new DIME standard. Anyone who wants a future Lavabit account can pre-register for our next release available in all security modes.” The company plans to introduce graphical clients for Windows, Mac OSX/iOS, and Linux/Android and help the Internet community implement this new encryption technology.

Levison continues, “Today, the democratic power we transfer to keep identities safe is our own as we look to restore privacy and make end-to-end encryption an automatic, ubiquitous and open source reality.”

About Lavabit

Lavabit LLC was founded in 2004, on the principle that users have the inalienable right to private and secure communication. Since its inception, the company has never wavered from that mission. By establishing secure email standards, specifications, and protocols, Lavabit uses its user-centric approach to ensure the end-to-end privacy of users’ email.

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