Next Generation Talent Recruitment Service Squirrelpitch Matches Candidates with Ideal Positions

Finding the right professional for an open job can take weeks or months of reading resumes, contacting candidates and interviewing—and there is still no guarantee they will accept an offer.  But a new talent recruitment service called Squirrelpitch uses an advanced business intelligence system based on IBM’s Watson to help sift through thousands of potential candidates and find the professionals that best fit your needs.

Squirrelpitch is an easy to use service that offers unprecedented functionality.  You can find professionals with the right skill set, education or interests and then learn more about them through their personal videos.  Conversely, professionals can use Squirrelpitch to find a career with the company that has the right salary, promotion prospects or corporate culture for you. Squirrelpitch uses a cutting edge algorithm that pinpoints the key features of a job or candidate, analyzes them and then matches them with their perfect analog.

Squirrelpitch is currently still in development, but the development team led by Todd Weegmann has already impressed the business community with its prototype.  They are currently seeking $25,000 in funding through their Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign.  If you back this historic project, you may earn perks like 90 day, 180 day, 12 month or lifetime subscriptions to Squirrelpitch. 

To learn more about Squirrelpitch or to make a financial contribution, please visit and check out the website

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Company Name: Squirrelpitch
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