Chicken Giggle, Mobile Gaming Just Changed Forever Through This fundraiser

Chicken Giggle is a hilarious new mobile game that has been launched on Kickstarter with a fundraising goal of $20,000. The game introduces a new way of playing with the innovative touch interface that allows the user to touch the screen where they want the “chicken bird” to fly which is a game changer!

The game features the main character as a chicken, which makes crazy noises while moving through the game. The chicken has to face many obstacles on its way and the gamer has to take the chicken to its destination after crossing those obstacles successfully. Through the new touch interface, the user will be able to touch the screen where they want the chicken to fly, unlike the regular games where they constantly need to tap or swipe the screen frequently, however, it doesn’t make the game any easier.

The game is promised to be challenging and fun as it features unique obstacles which are shown in the demo video as well. The success of the Kickstarter campaign will allow the developer to create even better obstacles with a touch of humor to the game.

Eli Lovejoy has developed the game to present a new, fun and exciting way of entertainment for the mobile game lovers.He has presented the first look of the game in the prototype video and also completed all the artwork for the final version. As of now, he has mapped out and tested the first four levels of the game, which are working perfectly. The money raised from the fundraiser will help him to eliminate the bugs and make the game look more professional.

The success of the crowd funding campaign will also ensure that the game gets into final creation, pays the cost of the developers who will make the game look and run seamlessly. The idea is to launch a game which will not only make a good way to pass time but also make the gamer laugh while fully entertaining them.

Eli promises this game to be different from others as they are planning to collaborate with heavy game enthusiasts for developing a challenging and entertaining game. The final version of the game will feature fun obstacles that become increasingly complex with each level. Additionally, it will have a time clock to encourage quick rational risk taking and coins which can be collected along the way for added points and getting free lives. The gamer can also collect clocks along the way to increase their time for finishing the level.

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